Is the Price Right for you to buy or sell that home of yours?  

Drew Carey knows The Price Is Right.  Where in the world is Drew Carey when you need him?  Tell us Drew, what to do?

He’s a true handy man in the career sense.  He’s had a hand in lots of different sorts of honey pots. Maybe not a colligiate fellow, but Real Estate licensing isn’t higher institutionalized – don’t worry.  Marine, Game Show Host, Stand-Up Comedian, Press Photographer for Soccer, Denny’s host (maybe?), a bank teller in Vegas and let’s imagine him now in his retirement phase going on the housing market waves instead of the air waves…..

Drew Carey has a background in the U.S. Marine Corps– 6 years experience.  “SELL YOUR HOUSE! No, not 1,000,000…999,999! Okay, give me 999,950.”  He’ll compromise, but you do the work and he works on looking fly. 

Drew Carey could probably draw the house and carry your boxes for you, too.  It’s common intuition that what you speak comes into existence. What if Drew Barrymore slowly turns her daughter into an Apple?  How is Fiona doing?  Drew Carey, your wide audiences may have turned you into a real estate agent with a name like yours. Drew, stop trying to put that ad in the funnies.

Whose bottom Line is it anyway?  Drew Carey is used to hosting and catering to men and women acting afool.  If Mr. Carey could have I think he’d have taken the house, err horse-play even further.  Have you seen his stand-up? 

He’s worked as a photographer for soccer.  The things in your house can sit still right?  Money is on Drew for capturing the best pics of your house.  Ohh, well, it was funny of him to pull the underwear out of your top drawer, click, put it on Zillow.  Zestimate says you’ll get more for your home if Drew uses his background in stand-up to sell your home.  He’s a bit pent up after being thumbed under ABC for the Drew Carey Show.  Buying?  He can laugh any home owner right out of their shorts, so of course, home too.

He doesn’t actually need those glasses.  

He doesn’t actually also sell houses – not rent-to-own, or own-to-rent, or not even sometimes showing houses in all those nine years of Drew Carey show (if you are more devout Mr. Carey fan and know better, sound off in the comments. Especially if he has in fact helped you buy, sell or rent a home). 

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