Why Are #Millennials so Interested in Buying Homes? Look at the Statistics:

You've got to love #realestate when the stats spell it out for you in real time. The studies are in, and here's how you can tell that either you might be a millennial, or are dealing with a potential buyer who's a millennial —

Expect median income of a millennial home buyer to be around $77,400. That's up from the $76,900 back in 2014. Looking good. Also a millennial apparently will go for a 1,720-square-foot home costing $187,400, which is also up from the $180,900 only a year ago. Prices are going up, their savvy, their desire, and their ambition's going up, too.

And all of this for the one major reason cited by 48% of those millennial buyers (up from 39% a year ago): they just want to own their own homes!

4 Top Characteristics of Today’s Millennial Home Buyer

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