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Q: Not The Best Credit Score?

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Our worlds…our worldwideweb, our neighborhood, our homes, our resumes, our bodies…are a lot like playdough:

A: “It Is What You Make It”

“Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be.” -Eleanor Roosevelt 
Well, Mrs. Roosevelt that’s a very stubborn way to speak of the most flexible capacity of the human. 
She’s right, though, you know?
Now you do. In ideal economics (no, that’s not a thing, maybe should be, is now), it would be beneficial for the businesses to team up, operate to their best on behalf of your best and the common good is had, created, made for all, by all, to all…We, the people…” 

You Get The Idea. You Can Make Your Life What You Want. What It Takes To MAKE All That, That’s Another Question. 

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