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6 Top Retweets for Hyperlocal United States Real Estate

6 Top Retweets for Hyperlocal United States Real Estate

4 Top Articles on Retweets for Everything Real Estate

Twitter knows everything real estate these days. Buying a home? You’ll find it in a tweet. Have you browsed the trends lately? Selling homes on Twitter’s huge these days. The whole of social media, in fact, knows home selling like the back of its digital hand, and don’t even get us started on real estate investmentThere’s a big cash cow there, especially when researching property values on Zillow, so if you’re looking for a little know-how, honestly, you might as well find it online.

And You Find That Relevant Information Through Retweets of Anything and Everything Real Estate

Why? Not only is it good information — it’s relevant information. This is information passed Twitter Everything Real Estatearound right now. Who knows — you might even read this information and realize what’s not only trending in everything real estate, but active in the world today, on the news, in your neighborhood, and basically everywhere you look. So it’s in your best interest to check out these articles on everything real estate on retweet from the top professionals in the industry:

And More and More Retweets Keep Cropping Up as We Speak

So it’s in your best benefit to be involved. Get on social media. See what’s cooking. Tweeting. Trending. Check out the hashtags. Look to the predictions of everything real estate. Information is power. Trust us.

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4 Top Retweets for Real Estate Technology and Social Media

It sort of makes sense when you think about: the testament of technology does hold hands with social media, but what happens when you put together real estate technology super-powered by social media? You get a money generator that’ll only skyrocket a real estate market already growing as we speak. And how do we know that?

Take One Look at Twitter: News Are Spreading About Real Estate Technology as We Speak

If you’re thinking about investing or selling in real estate, be in the know. Real estate technology innovation is where it’s at. That being said, even social media makes a hit — whether you’re a buyer, seller, or even a real estate agent looking for potential leads. And make no mistake: property managers, agents and brokers love traversing the Twitterverse every day, so it’s to your benefit to keep an eye on your own account, develop it, and while you’re at it, get into real estate technology and get some ROI under your belt!

For starters, though, here are some of the best retweets out there on real estate technology and social media to date:

And This Is Just the Beginning When It Comes to Innovation

As technology advances, so does all industries — not just real estate. And perhaps buyers can even improve on their ability to find the right homes, find out what their home value is, and so on and so forth. Maybe home renters can finally get the services they need, whether it’s legal help, or even resources for credit repair.

The sky’s the limit. But one thing’s for sure: you can’t do any of that without social media. It’s imperative that you be in the know for this real estate technology market and make sure you’re definitely on the right track today. Don’t hesitate to sign up for all sorts of services available to you, and be sure to check out these other fantastic retweets on the entire real estate market right now!

4 Top Real Estate Tweets for #NPV by @Starwise

Word’s spreading about NPV, no doubt…. (sorry, Zillow). We’re all in this together, though, when it comes to real estate, because when you boil down the bread and butter, ultimately what matters to the market is this — growth. We want growth. We want stability. We want affordability. We want cash flow, innovation, interest. We want new developments, people moving “up” in the real estate market, others buying, plenty of sales, and lots and lots of successful open houses.

And Without a Doubt, Real Estate Technology Does Play a Rolereal estate twitter-1

Nationwide Property Values certainly offers the fair share of the success, but a lot of it due to technological word-of-mouth a la Facebook, innovations like Periscope and Meerkat, Google+ pages like the HOPE Program and even a feisty upstart in a facet of the real estate industry, Independent Credit Solutions for credit repair for that home mortgage approval. We all know that YouTube plays a role, and even Pinterest makes a mark in the real estate market as well as plenty of other social media platforms…. But we thought it prudent to shed some light on the spread-like-wildfire power that is Twitter (not just when it comes to home selling) through the eyes of one tweeter making major headlines with mentions and retweets galore for some of the sweetest articles NPV has laid out for the masses.

We’ve done the research. We know what’s circulating out there, and we have the results: these are the four top real estate tweets about some of the information we’ve brought to you, so it would do you well to take notice. We know what the real estate industry’s looking at, as well as Twitter and Mr. Starwise (alias, Pierre Roustan), and we hear you loud and clear.

It’s about time you hear it as well:

The Results Are Real and Accurate

Real estate continues to make headlines, especially given the news about the real estate market climbing and even the story about the Chinese investing in Texas real estate. Whatever the case, it’s clear: we’ve got the news aplenty, and the stories are circulating the cyberspace airwaves. Pay attention, please.

I’m Twitterpated to Sell My Home (Sigh)….

Sell my home? Naaaah, that’s not gonna happen to me! You? “Me neither….” “Me neither….” Oh, how they were so wrong as they were also “twitterpated” into euphoria, the natural order of things in the wilderness. You have to love Bambi. But who knew this concept was just as cool and romantic as the idea of social media selling homes? I even think Dr. Seuss with his SEO antics would agree….

Seriously, though, this isn’t just about social media as a whole — but about the faster-than-a-kiss, charming digital Cupid of the cyberspace super-highway. Twitter. The same service that has made headlines several times for years as the World Wide Web continues to dominate the real estate world. Who would’ve thought that even Twitter would now dominate the real estate market? No one saw that coming. The same as being twitterpated.real estate Twitter

Bambi, Listen Up: It’s All About Getting It Done in 140 or Less

That’s actually the trick to Twitter. Your updates have to be within 140 characters. You’re not writing novels here. Your updates as fast and simple. It’s like chatting, but your dialogue lasts forever and can even be searchable! Talk about serious word-of-mouth advertising.

How does that affect the real estate market? Like a love-struck skunk when you think about it. Twitter’s actually a perfect match for the real estate industry, and when you state “sell my home,” you instantly skyrocket your visibility just from one update.

Think if micro-blogging, another term associated with Twitter. Instantly, when I update my Twitter with “sell my home” along with some info in today’s industry, and as long as I have a huge assortment of followers on my profile, my little posts that take literally less than one minute to write on a computer, or tablet, or even smartphone, can be viewed by a huge number of people. This is good for networking — and good for getting your business out there. Before you know it, saying “sell my home” becomes easier than eating pie or daisies.

You can utilize your blog, or your Facebook, or even shared content from somewhere else, and Twitter will actually shrink the URL, allowing you to go into more detail in those 140 characters. That goes from micro-blogging to micro-advertising. And it’s free.

Tweet about something happening in the real estate market right now. Perhaps you have some properties that have just gone on the market, and you want to tweet about them. Go ahead. You’ll freak at the response and visibility just from spending that one minute to type a few words.

Of course, you have to build your followers list. Network. Expand. List your profile on every piece of literature, advertising and marketing you have. The Bigger your Twitter follower list is, the more people will see your updates.

Fall in Love With Twitter as I Sell My Home? I Can’t Resist….

I would sell my home in multiple ways, no doubt. Social media’s an effective way to sell my home, for sure; but I would never discount the little birdie that is Twitter. I love you, Twitter.