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Why A Legal Plan Is Important

ShareFollow UsWhen it comes to legal problems, you don’t want to mess around. Getting hung up in an avoidable legal bind is something that can trash your future without even lifting a finger. Whether it’s an eviction, traffic ticket, or a lawsuit, a legal plan can cover you in case of emergency.   A Legal Plan Keeps Your Family Safe Your family is the people that you want to protect in case of legal attack, but they are also often…

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Take Photos at an Open House

We’re willing to bet you’ve probably never seen any prospective home buyers walking around inside a property for an open house with a big camera in hand, snapping away at every possible angle. The thought’s preposterous, because the website or flyer already has a detailed listing of photos! What’s the point?

The Point Is This: Not Even the Best Photos a Real Estate Agent Can Take Will Show Everything About an Open House

A house could be haunted. There could be black mold or something. And understand this: a real estate agent will do whatever he or she can to highlight the strengths of the property and minimize the weaknesses as much as possible.

But as a prospective home buyer, you still have the right to know absolutely everything about a property before even considering buying it. Even as an RTO possibility, that’s of specific importance; think about it.open house

You’re going to buy the darn thing! Why not make sure you’re investing in something worthwhile?

You Have to Understand That Some Homeowners/Tenants May Get Antsy

And they have every right to. Legally, a homeowner looking to sell the house, or even rent it out for RTO, might actually have a problem with a prospective home buyer snapping pictures of the portraits of the cat, dog, son, daughter or vase up the stairway, just as an example. But here’s the thing….

You, as a home buyer, have every right to know everything you need to know about the house. Therefore, your RTO consultant can work with the homeowner, and/or realtor in a situation, to ask the homeowner’s permission to take photos. And that’s something you can definitely work with.

A homeowner, home seller, or prospective RTO landlord needs to understand this — if you’re not letting your prospects know everything about your property, chances are you’ll lose buyers pretty quick.

It’s All About Negotiation and Consultation

That’s just another big reason why you’d need a rent-to-own consultant on your side. It’s hard enough working with an agent. Try just any homeowner working on finding a tenant for a rent-to-own. Try a homeowner working without the knowledge, know-how, and resources to make the right decisions!


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Top 6 Questions to Ask Professionals About HOAs

HOAs (also known as “homeowner associations”) are like gatekeepers. Think Ghostbusters here. Zuul. If only we could get Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster, onboard, we’d be doing more than crossing the streams here in the real estate industry. Alas, we don’t — and we face these gatekeepers of HOAs with a lot of trepidation due to all the rules and regulations homeowners and home buyers have to abide by. And we long for that real estate manual to guide us through at least some of the tumultuous ectoplasm latent in the full-roaming vapors surrounded by real estate agents, brokers, property managers and so on and so forth.

And, Yet, NPV Has It. Right Here. A Bit of a Guide to HOAs.

In the real estate market, it’s all about questions. What questions matter? And this applies on both sides of the coin. Are you part of an HOA? What do you need to know? To do? What about considering a property within an HOA. What do you need to be aware of?

Sadly, this particular ‘guide’ can morph into everything from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to Slimer in seconds all because of the changing landscape of the real estate market, everything from legal to all theHOAs growing trends we’re seeing with home prices, mortgage rules, and even down payment averages. At the very least, though, these questions will get you started on the right foot.

  • What Are the Differences Between Those CC&Rs and the “Rules and Regulations”? — Sounds like it shouldn’t matter, but it actually does. To an ‘extent’. Here’s the answer to this question.
  • What’s a Reasonable Policy for HOA Expenditures? — A typical question HOAs would want answered for their treasurers, obviously — thankfully, we’ve got the goods right here.
  • Let’s Say You’ve Got Some Unpaid Water Bills All of a Sudden With Your HOA. Can You Impose an Emergency Special Assessment Even Without Member Approval? — Another question for an HOA manager, no doubt…. And members do have a say to some degree. This would be one heck of an emergency, though, don’t you think? Read here for more.
  • I Don’t Like HOA Board Politics. How Do I Avoid Dealing With That Crap? — It seems whenever we’re dealing with a group of authority-minded people, politics can get crazy (pay attention, Donald Trump). But is there a way for HOAs and their boards to find some kind of common ground?
  • Can Developers Propose Expense Allocation for Uneven Units? — After all, expenses for a 1-bedroom will be different for a 2-bedroom. So it only seems fair. But there’s a lot to keep in mind regarding this.
  • How Do I Write an Effective HOA Newsletter? — Many would think that it’s pointless to drum up constant drivel. But there is a way to set up a newsletter that basically writes itself. Here’s how.

We Ain’t Afraid of No HOAs

And we got the tools and talent to prove it at NPV. What you have to understand that while there’s a board with a bunch of people encompassing varying opinion, the key to getting the common ground and figuring out that the HOA’s on the right track requires a certain focus. And everyone needs to be on board with that focus.

Or else you’ll have a bunch of homeowners that’ll hate where they live! Homeowners, listen up: pay close attention to HOAs and how they operate. And real estate professionals? Operate the right way. That’s the key to a healthy real estate industry. Nothing strange in this neighborhood, and you won’t have to call anyone (except maybe a Ghostbuster or two). Register to buy your home today!

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(via 4 Issues Pope Francis May Influence in Today’s Legal Arena)

3 Top Central Figures in Today’s United States News

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RTOR’s Latest Review: AssistingRenters.com

Comprehensiveness. That’s the name of the game when it comes to resources. As a home renter, too, without a doubt, you need resources. And not necessarily from a bunch of different places, no, sir. Try just one place. That makes it easy, convenient, simplistic, and minimal hassle on your end as a home renter. Because everyone knows when you’re shelling out money for aesthetic home improvements on a house you don’t even own, dealing with legal disputes with your landlord perhaps, and maybe even facing issues with credit — that’s a whole lot to deal with!assisting renters screenshot

AssistingRenters.com Makes It Real Easy

What is Assisting Renters? I call it the “utility tool” of the rental industry! AssistingRenters.com should be that go-to place if it’s not already.

  • Free Membership
  • Tons of Resources
  • Updates, Updates, Updates

It’s almost ridiculous just how much they offer — for multiple facets of the industry as a whole. Everything from utility service trends, to entertainment, to design, to legal. Everything! That’s the major benefit of just being a free member of AssistingRenters.com, and you can’t beat that ease of use, combining education with service through affiliation. Collaboration. Talk about working together to make sure you, the home renter, have all your ducks in a row, especially when involving rent-to-own. You can even get services for your taxes, for crying out loud! Assistance with finding a job, education, and even identity theft: yep, even all of that is offered as well as a way to combine efforts in you achieving the best possible experience as a home renter.

Talk About an Easy Review….

Check it out. See what you think. Amazing how we always come up with the goods on this site, keying you in on all sorts of resources and trends available in the industry for the rent-to-owner or renter. AssistingRenters.com, aside from providing a boatload of information, definitely makes sure you’re equipped well for the prospect of renting — and hopefully, perhaps owning — your first house.

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(via What Will Alimony Do to Your Tax Return?)

(via What Will Alimony Do to Your Tax Return?)

Why Bankruptcy Filings Require Credit Counseling Approval

This is honestly why credit counseling and credit repair are so important to us. It’s considered the first step to remedy disaster — and the disaster can come in many forms…. Identity theft, lack of bookkeeping resources, lack of legal assistance even! The list can go on and on. And while bankruptcy filings can solve plenty of issues, we always go with credit repair as the main source of success to avoid any clean slate. Having a bankruptcy on your credit report isn’t exactly a shining gem, a question you should have in your repertoire of questions for any credit counselor.

The Law Actually Requires That You Attend a “Briefing” With a Credit credit counseling-1Counseling Agency, Believe It or Not

And for good reason. You need to know for sure what you’re going to be facing in the event of your bankruptcy filing, regardless of whether or not it’s going to be a Chapter 7 or 13. While you may get that clean slate, make no mistake: it’ll be just as easy to let your budgeting and money management fall by the wayside and get back into the same situation of financial failure and credit counseling that brought you to the legal side in the first place.

That briefing will be your instructional course on personal finance coordination, something the Income Tax Planning Network could assist you with — and this is crucial to consider before your debts are ever discharged. Once you’ve completed the course, of course, you get that sign-off you need as mandated by the law to go through with the bankruptcy filing.

Brings About an Important Point You Have to Keep in Mind

Bankruptcy isn’t supposed to be a “way out.” It’s an option. For some, it may be the only option. It’s, for sure, never a crutch; and it never should be. So you always want to be sure that if you’re faced with the option for bankruptcy, make sure through credit counseling that it is, indeed, your only option!

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8 Real Questions to Ask Your Prospective Credit Counselor

Truthfully, we hate labels. And titles. And name placements. Political correctness: it’s a fickle beast, especially when talking about something as touchy as credit repair. But no worries — we’re not going to sugar-coat or bounce around the topic like some organizations or professionals out there, and we’ll tell it like it is. It’s very simple: when talking to a credit counselor, you have to ask specific questions just to be sure you’re talking to a real credit counselor for the right reasons. Why? Just remember this important fact: credit repair walks a fine legal line. You want to make sure you stay within it.

Here Are Eight Real Questions You Absolutely Must Ask a Credit Counselor — Just to Be Sure You’re Dealing With the Real McCoy

There are a lot of credit repair scammers out there, in other words. Many will label themselves as credit counselor-1credit counselor, but that’s not what they do. As a consumer, you have a right to know what you’re dealing with before potentially getting yourself in hot water, so ask the potential credit counselor you’re consulting with, and interviewing, these specific questions:

  • Can You Approve My Bankruptcy Filing? — What we mean by that are the legal requirements to filing for bankruptcy. The credit counselor you’re talking to has to have the certified approval to sign off on the legally mandated requirement to seek credit counseling before filing for bankruptcy. So make it a point to ask this question immediately.
  • Are You a “Debt Counselor” or a “Credit Counselor”? — Like we said, we hate the labels. They may sound so similar; but in truth, they’re very different. You ask this question just to be sure you are dealing with a real-life credit counselor. What are the differences? Find out right here.
  • Are You a 501(c)(3) Organization and Can You Prove It? — Now you’re getting tough with the prospective credit counselor, and you should. Grill that credit counselor to the bone with this one. Why? Why does it matter that the credit counselor’s a 501(c)(3)? Here’s why.
  • Are You Accredited? — Almost seems like a no-brainer of a question, but would you like to know exactly what kind of accreditation you should be hearing from a credit counselor? Read about it right here.
  • Are You Professionally Trained? — Remember this important fact: you are interviewing the credit counselor. So you’ll make that professional sweat. Ask them the tough questions. Knowing the ins and outs of credit repair and restoration is one thing — being completely certified is a whole ‘nother ballgame entirely.
  • Do You Have Any References? — Honestly, a true credit counselor would, and should, lick his or her own lips at this question, frothing at the mouth at the opportunity to show off the praise and positive reviews from prior clients. So go ahead and ask. Specifically, there’s one other big reason why a credit counselor would love to offer up references….
  • Can You Guarantee Success? — AHA! Another ‘trick’ question here. The fact is no credit counselor in the galaxy — nay, the universe — can guarantee anything. Here’s why.
  • And, of Course, How Much Do You COST? — Shop around and you’ll find the fees jumping left and right. Obviously, go with the most beneficial solution for the consumer to a certain extent, and you’ll learn why right here.

Just Remember, Though: They’re Not Doing the Credit Repair Work For You….

Rather, they’re pointing you in the direction of what you need to do and maybe even assisting in the legal process. There’s value in that, something not only we at ICS do, but other reputable agencies and organizations like ITPN would do on a regular basis, so it does exist.

You just need to make sure you’re actually talking to a real deal, and not a real poser in the business. You accomplish that, of course, by asking these questions. Because, after all, this is your credit report we’re talking about! And your credit score is the difference between getting that job, or landing the home mortgage, or securing an auto loan.

Make sure you’re talking with a real professional.

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