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#Finance #ITPN #Money  

#Finance #ITPN #Money  

The Biggest Reasons Why Personal Loans Are Better Than Those “Other Loans”

Whenever we hear the word “LOAN,” we all freak out. Nothing to fear, though, because the honest truth is this: a personal loan is so much more than just a simple loan with interest from, say, a bank.Check out this video below to learn more about how a personal loan can actually benefit you in ways you hadn’t even thought of: …

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The Total Truth About The Complete Real Estate Site

You’ve probably heard it all before. “Go to this site! It’s great!” “Have you heard of so and so? No? Oh they’re so helpful!” How many of those recommendations have you actually followed through with? Which one of those websites really helped you out when you needed it the most? And which one’s almost screwed you over? Because let’s be honest, it’s probably happened before, and if you don’t make the right decision, it could very well happen to you again. The Complete Real Estate Site is the one website that can actually help you and not hurt you. Here’s how:

The Detes On The Complete Real Estate Site…

What is there to know about this site, besides that it’s essentially a one stop shop for all things real estate related? If that isn’t enough information for you, then here’s a bit more. The Complete Real Estate Site is split up into 4 different sections: Renting, buying, selling, and investing. This is what you need to know.

RENTthecompleterealestatesite the complete real estate site

If you’re looking to rent a home, or want to start looking for a rent to own home, this is the best place to go. The home renters portion of the website fills you in on everything you would potentially need to know when it comes to renting a home. Eviction notices, deposits, leases, payment methods, and much more. It’s all available under the Home Renters tab.


Ever tried buying a home before? It’s basically something everyone looks forward to growing up, right? Well it’s definitely not an easy task. The Home Buyer tab on this site spells things out clear as day for you. No need to worry.


With the Home Sellers tab, you are able to find out the list of other homes for sale in your area, and learn the ins and out of what it takes to sell your home fast, and for the right price!


The Home Investor tab helps with anything you need financially in real estate. From property appreciation, to learning how to flip your house. If you’re looking to learn how to properly invest in real estate, going to The Complete Real Estate Site is one of the best things that you could do.

Surf With Ease

All you really need to do is search for the site, and everything you need is just a click away. The design of this website is simple, and easy to navigate. Take advantage of all of this information in front of you, and visit the site, today!

For more information, visit the website by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!



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RTO Reviews Bringing The Heat

Something is totally out of this world, and it’s on fire! No, it’s not the sun, and I’m sure that’s exactly what you were thinking of, that’s acceptable. It’s something a little bit different, but equally as hot. Ever heard of RTO Reviews? If this is your first time ever coming across those specific words paired together, then you have some catching up to do, because this website is bringing some insane information your way. This site is chock full of useful information that you might want to know for the future. Renting a home can get tricky, but with the right sites and right information, you can breeze through real estate.

RTO Reviews: What’s The Big Deal?Rent to own reviews 2 RTO reviews

What’s the big deal? The better question should be why don’t more people know about it? This incredible website brings an amazing amount of detail and information, easy to read, and easy to understand. If you have ever had any sort of complications when it comes to real estate, or worry, worry no more! Heading over to RentToOwnReviews.com will instantly give you access to all of this information, and then some! So stop whatever it is that you’re doing, and wait no more! If you’re in need of help, this is the place to go to.

RTO: The Breakdown

So this website is pretty great, but what exactly is on it? Good thing we’re thinking the same thing right now, because I’m about to let you in on a not-so-little secret. RTO Reviews is chock full of a bunch of different services, and reviews on each service. If you’re looking for a review on a service that provides a Free List of Rent To Own Homes, you’ve gone to the right place. What about a review on a service about home renting? Lucky you! There’s one for that too!

Rent To Own Reviews is something that everyone should end up using at least once in their lives. The design and set up of the site is beyond brilliant, and brings ease to anyone who is struggling with real estate.

For more information, or to visit the site, click right here!


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Why Complete Real Estate Is Everyone’s Edge

The Tip On How To Build Your Edge In A Relationship Market Is To Know Your Neighbor

Freudian Slip! Haha, In The Real Estate Market Know Your Neighbor, but absolutely a good point. The real estate market is about relationship. Buyer and Seller and Renters and Owners.

The Complete Real Estate Site Is News Useful To Everyone Involved

If the real estate head honchos are reading only the part of the elephant dedicated to YOUR SIDE of the big fat, hedge-y, real estate animal…you’d read things like this (challenge: watch for oppressive language):real estate

“Good Job You Head Honchos, Invest That!”

“Being A Real Estate Mogul Is Hot Right Now”

Or “Giddy Up Over Here Cattle Like Renters”

And “Here’s Your Easy Tips To Colonize The Planet As Though You Are An Alien”

If the real estate inhabitants are reading only the part of the elephant dedicated to YOUR SIDE of the big fat, edgy piece of the pie, then you’d read things like this (challenge: watch for nice-nice):

“Decorate Your Walls To Look Nice”

“Budget Well”

“Rent-To-Own Homes For Everyone!”

Know your neighbor…Know Your Landlord, Know Your Bank? Know Your Elephant?

The elephant thing here is critical.

real estateThe Parable of The Blind Men And The Elephant Paraphrased

There were, for some odd or horribly tragic reason, there are three blind men walking through the jungle – which means a place with plant life and animals that no one owns….

And of course, the three blind men walk right up to an elephant, and try to take it (in?) with their hands…”Oh my goodness this animal is like a wall. It’s so big and tall. This animal is wall-like.””

And the next man who is blind, who was very PC, demonstrates BOTH/AND thinking so well and says,  “There is this rope thing on the wall-like…and there seems to be tear…” No actually, PC man who was blind says, “There’s no wall-like! It’s just a ROPE! And it flicks. It’s a twitchy-lil-thing! Not wall-like.”

And the third blind man says, “You silly heads, no, we are in a grove of trees and there is no animal.” 


Click here to see one elephant: H.O.P.E. Program gives you education about repairing credit, checking your score, legal advice, automotive services, scholarships and grants and so many more perks because businesses affliated with the H.O.P.E. Program creators only want to see you as houses, fed AND happy as possible.

“Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness…”

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Your Budget Could Be This Simple: I Walk and I Read.

Budgeting To Save Yourself From Disaster…

…ruin, from yourself, from bankruptcy, from embarrassment, a big waste of time, working for nothing, being a moron.

HEY! Okay, no need for name calling. You don’t need to muster up so much dislike for yourself and pile on the dread. You don’t need to at least start all those cool projects you and tantalizing conversations you had while you avoided budgeting with super-on-point, practiced procrastination. This is a classic case of “I know you are, but what am I?”…The pot calling the kettle black.

It’s Not Secret That A Big Part Of Buying A House…

Getting Out of Debt…
Really Any Big Deal In Life Requires SAVINGS

“I’m not the best at budgeting. When I was graduating college and expecting my first child I remembered the value of a $1.00. It’s…A dollar. It’s not a dollar from you today means I can spend that and pay you back at 25% interest” 

But I got it. I got it.  

Don’t Buy Things You Cannot Pay For

My budget was simple and had a hard and fast rule: Do not spend money. 
Remarkably, I found myself fairly able to do that. I paid some bills online from my part-time job direct deposit, and then I didn’t drink, go out to eat, rent movies, or have TV. I walked and read a lot instead. I’m that weirdo who is pretty happy NOT to touch the germy green stuff we call hard cold cash. Plastic, like Barbie, was appealing for a time. 
Your budget could be that simple: I walk and I read. I don’t spend money…someone Else’s money called my ‘line of credit’. Please, someone write that blog post. I’d eat it like candy in a van. 

Origins of Our Personal Budgets

Some people are budgeting to save themselves from disaster. 

Some people start to budget to thrive (more) because they have a lot of money and they want to make more, spend well…well, they are already good with money in a least a few ways, and budgeting goes together naturally with financial skill. 
Some people budget to survive (better). They don’t have more money and a strict budget will help them turn a corner…get married, go to college, have a baby, retire sooner, cover a funeral’s cost, hospital bills, an accident. You know, all of life’s corners. 
But if sailing is smooth, and you follow this hard and fast rule…in our society you can lead a really good life – no matter what your reasons for reading this article are…

The Key! Sacred Budgeting Secret Is In The Spending: 60% Of Gross Income Should Cover IT ALL. 

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This Simple Tip Giving Moving The Right Inertia

Thinking Ahead to Ikea…Act Ahead And One-Stop-Shop The Sub Prime Credit Store 

Do you ever shop to avoid an emotion? Are you looking at lists of Ikea’s most popular products and drooling? Do you want to be? Look here…Then we can talk business.

Q: Not The Best Credit Score?

A: One-Stop-Shop That Can Put You On The Steps To Success 

…$30/month to buy into this network of help created just for you. Think – a few friends get together and realize their clientele are roughly the same people…so they bundled their efforts and came up with this package deal to best serve you.

Our worlds…our worldwideweb, our neighborhood, our homes, our resumes, our bodies…are a lot like playdough:

A: “It Is What You Make It”

“Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be.” -Eleanor Roosevelt 
Well, Mrs. Roosevelt that’s a very stubborn way to speak of the most flexible capacity of the human. 
She’s right, though, you know?
Now you do. In ideal economics (no, that’s not a thing, maybe should be, is now), it would be beneficial for the businesses to team up, operate to their best on behalf of your best and the common good is had, created, made for all, by all, to all…We, the people…” 

You Get The Idea. You Can Make Your Life What You Want. What It Takes To MAKE All That, That’s Another Question. 

Click here to see a path to success…when you commit your goals to writing you are more likely to accomplish them.  When you pay monthly towards your goal you created more incentive for yourself to follow through. 

Try The Sub Prime Credit Store 

Get Self to follow through…Get Self to Flow though...Get Sub Prime Credit Store…

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4 Reasons Why The Complete Real Estate Site Should Be Your Go To Site

Are you a prospective buyer when it comes to real estate? Or just generally and genuinely interested in all things real estate? Well then you’re definitely in luck, because The Complete Real Estate Site is going to be your number one pick of websites to go to. Whether you’re trying your buy your own home for the first time, or you’re trying to rent a home because you don’t want to commit, you might need some guidance.

The Basics of The Complete Real Estate Sitethecompleterealestatesite The Complete Real Estate Site

Let’s say you’re brand new to this scary world of real estate. That’s okay! You’ll pick up on things pretty quick, as long as you use The Complete Real Estate Site for guidance.  This website has easy navigation, and the layout looks pretty good if you ask me. Now the title wasn’t lying to you! There really are 4 reasons as to why this website should be considered your go to website for anything related to real estate. Want to know what those 4 reasons are? We’ll fill you in…

  • They have an endless amount of information on all things “rental” – For more information on home renting, click right here!
  • They know the “in’s and out’s” of home owning – Want to learn more about buying a home? Go ahead and click right here.
  • They can help you get your property SOLD – Learn how to sell your home fast, by clicking right here.
  • They will give you the know how on all things real estate – Become a “Real Estate Guru,” and learn more by clicking right here.

We weren’t kidding, The Complete Real Estate Site really does have it all! There’s no forms to fill out or any annoying hoops to jump through, all you have to do, is check it out for yourself.

You can learn how to sell your home the right way, by clicking here.

Interested in becoming a real estate investor? It’s easy! Click right here.

Visit The Complete Real Estate Site by clicking right here.


The Real Smart Thing To Do With Your 401(k) Is To Invest In Real Estate

We let the younger, up and coming generation make mistakes and we watch, vigilantly, to point them out to them…to laugh at them…but really so we may learn from them. They think they are learning from us? Hah. No, elders learn (also) from the babes.

Millennials Are Doing 3 Things Wrong With Their 401k Investing…Poor Baby-Adults.

Check out this trickle from the top-down:

  1. NOT having one.  Read more here.
    • Many millennials are opting out of starting a 401(k). It’s easy to imagine how that’s possible. It’s called the try-it-out-20’s. If I’ll be at this job for an unknown, maybe shorter, amount of time I may not see the point of starting another retirement plan to deal with.
      • It’s like a couch you don’t want to carry home from a good garage sale when you know you’ll be moving…you know, some time.
        • That’s the reputation that millennials have in jobs: they don’t stay. Let’s argue that why should they? Finding a niche can take time, and it’s appropriate to give your career room to breathe.
          • It’s known that the silent generation, or traditionalists as the more flattering title, want a Legacy. This would coincide with a 401(k).
            • The baby boomers want a Stellar career, and work really hard, generally. Probably work even though they are collecting retirement. Perhaps they didn’t have or didn’t have a 401(k) soon enough…trends skip a generation.
              • Gen X want a portable career…with meaning, so they get globalization and want to be the bosses with their millennial minions.
                • And the Millennials prioritize jobs with meaning, but also this other thing: parallel careers. If only Millennials would put as much of that multitasking into investing…
  2. Not investing appropriately. Read more here.
    • A generation that is more liberal than all the others socially is more comfortable calling themselves conservative investors.
      • It’s like millennials trust cash more than a 401(k). 39% of those under age 30 chose cash as their preferred way to invest the money they don’t need for at least 10 years.
        • This generation is three times more likely to have cash instead of investing in stocks.
          • This love of cash will really freak out the 65% who DO have a 401k and notice that 80% of their account balance is in equities, says an ICI/EBRI report.
            • They might sell when they see the expected, natural yet extreme losses that can happen over the supposed long life of the investment. That brings us to point #3.
  3. Pulling money out of 401(k) Plans Prematurely. Read more here.
    • Fidelity discovered that 41% of 20 to 39 year-olds were cashing out their 401(k) after leaving their job.
      • This is the long-term equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot. And isn’t recommended BECAUSE….

One Smart Thing To Do with Your 401(k) Is to Put The Money Into REAL ESTATE

Now – wait a second. You aren’t allowed to invest a 401(k) into assets. That’s right. So, turn your 401(k) into something else.

This guy, Larry Breen, sees the secret. Invest your 401(k) into Real Estate, IF you first change it to a self-directed IRA. Because your minimum distribution included real estate and rental income you can shave some off the top to put into assets, that also make money perhaps through renting and/or flipping…the profit rolls into your account, IT DOES NOT DIRECTLY GO TO YOU. It goes back into your account, and that why it’s called real estate investment, not real estate pay out.

The theory is you can turn a 50,000something investment into a 70,000something while ALSO pulling returns on that 20,000something…making yourself more and more money.401(k)

Normally You Cannot Use A 401(k) for buying property…of course because that would be a profitable option. Of course the thing that makes sense isn’t easy. But here is the secret.

You can roll it over into a IRA tax-free account and use the proceeds to invest in real estate, although you cannot actually manage your own property in that case. You’d need a property manager – less work for you.

RECAP / The Old Adage Is True: You Have To Have Money To Make Money

Most people have money…that they cannot touch…in a 401(k). Increase your 401(k) by turning it into a self-directed IRA, buy the property, hire a property manager (consider this a an investment into your 401(k) even though it’s out of pocket), pull the extra income back into the account and you have treated yourself like your own employer putting 4 or something% into your account monthly…

This is how to be a old millionaire…or a start.

If you don’t get this at all…don’t worry…start here, click to learn: 401(k) For Dummy’s.  

Click here to get started – and perhaps the narrow road, with slighly more red tape is how you’ll get rich without much work…ahh, the subtext of the American Dream.



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The Truth Behind RentToOwnReviews.com

Review sites can be sketchy sometimes. How can you really trust what some people have to say about certain services or products? Is it possible to trust them and know that it’s really going to be the best of the best? Or that it’s going to be your smartest investment? It’s tough to say really. In any other situation, I’d say, yeah, it’s no guarantee, but with RentToOwnReviews.com, it’s for sure the BEST place to go for reviews.

RentToOwnReviews.com Is Here to Help!Rent to own reviews 2 RentToOwnReviews.com

Any time you’re ever looking to purchase some sort of product or service, it’s always smart to check online to see if anyone has previously reviewed it before you. Why? Getting input from other users or people with relevant and valid opinions is the best way to back up your own thought process. In the world of rent to own, it’s crucial to know which rent to own services will benefit you the most. On RentToOwnReviews.com you can gain access to reviews on all of the top RTO services and sites, such as:

  • The H.O.P.E. Program
  • RegisterToBuyAHome.com
  • The Complete Real Estate Site
  • Assisting Renters

As well as many others!

Let Them Help You Make the Right Decision

If you’re looking to rent a home, or to gain access to any and all information on rent to own services online, RentToOwnReviews.com is the website you need to visit! With unlimited access to all of these reviews, you can finally find out the best services, tailored exactly to the needs and wants that you’re looking for. If you want something that will benefit you at the end of the day, and not hold you back, choosing to use RentToOwnReviews.com is one of the best things that you can do.

For another review similar to this one, click right here!

To learn more about RentToOwnReviews.com, and to access reviews on many different rent to own services, click right here!

4 Top Home Selling Markets in the U.S. Today (and the Choices Might Shock You!)

Real estate can be real tough sometimes. But let’s talk about something that we didn’t already know about. Like the fact that there are more places to relocate to then major cities like New York or somewhere in California, yet still feel like you’re living the dream. Home selling markets all over the United States are increasing in so many different locations, it’s tough to keep track of them all.

Maybe It’s Time To Relocate?Level_III_ecoregions,_United_States home selling markets

Who knows? Maybe it actually is time to relocate to somewhere else? If the inventory is there, and the sellers and buyers are willing, take a chance! You never know, you could end up making one of the best decisions of your life.

As of 2015, the home selling market increased exponentially, and is still on the rise. Locations are changing every year, and it just so happens that this year, these selling markets are widely spread out in the United States.

Top 4 Home Selling Markets

This may come as a shock to you, because it was for us! Believe it or not, the top 4 home selling markets aren’t in the popular places like Florida, or somewhere like California or even on the East coast beaches. Believe it or not, here they are:

Yeah, you read that right. Ohio is in fact on the list of the the top home selling markets. Who would have guessed that Ohio would be on a list with those other three states? Not us! But we’re not complaining.

For more information on the home selling markets right now, click right here.

To learn how to sell your home with social media, and sign up today, click right here!

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