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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your New Chip-Enabled Credit Card




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Transitions are never fun: maybe you’re looking to buy a new home in this growing real estate market, or you’re fixing to enroll in school for another degree. Changing jobs maybe? What with the fluctuating economy, whatever decision you’re going to make is about the equivalent of stirring up a hornet’s nest. Such is the case with this massive yellow jacket of a transition: chip-enabled credit card technology, also known as EMV. And as of this past October, guess what — you’ll very soon be forced to use these new type of credit cards.

Fear Not, Though, and Don’t Be Frightened — Chip-Enabled
Credit Card Technology Won’t Sting

chip-enabled credit card-1

Aside from the fact that the U.S. is at the moment the last country on the planet to use the old-fashioned magnetic strips you find on credit cards (Europe and other countries utilize EMV religiously, along with PIN identification for further prevention of ID theft and credit card fraud), you have three reasons to believe that everything should be okay as the commercial industry, specifically regarding credit cards, will do just fine with this new chip-enabled credit card technology:

And that’s just the start. There will be numerous other benefits associated with chip-enabled credit card technology as EMV continues to flourish and dominate the spectrum.

The Best You Can Do Is Be Prepared

Those credit card companies won’t spring the new cards on you while you’re not looking, just so you know. It will be a transition, not a big surprise. But a good transition at that.

Want to know more about what’s headed for finances? Sign up with ITPN, perhaps; of if you’re a home renter, you might want to enroll with Assisting Renters. Be in the know. And be prepared.




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Why Businesses Need to Get Ahead With Credit Card Chip Technology

Forget the fact that the transition’s happening right now as we speak. Forget the fact that even consumers are a bit wary despite the fact that there are these reasons why people shouldn’t worry. The new credit card chip technology, EMV, is coming. It most definitely will stick. It will stay. And while it’s going to be a long transition (imagine how many stores in the entire nation will have to be fitted with these new credit card reading machines), and card companies will be slowly rolling out these new bad boys, the fact of the matter is this — businesses are straggling to catch up.

That May Not Necessarily Be a Bad Thing, However….

It just so happens, though, that the new cards (for those who don’t have them) will be functional bothcredit card chip technology-1 ways, just to ensure that there are no problems. That means your magnetic stripe credit card might already have a microchip installed already. However…. Businesses need to get ahead right now given the fact that Visa and MasterCard have officially renounced any accountability for credit card fraud.

What does that mean? That means you, the business, will be solely responsible for compensating a customer who’s suffered from ID theft. Not something you want to deal with.

The Fact Is Credit Card Chip Technology Is the Wave of the Future

Only a quarter of merchants in the country have the readers built-in and operational to run the new computer chip credit cards. The technology’s safer. It’s been proven in other countries; sadly, the U.S. is the last to convert.

As a support and due diligence to your customers, we make it a point to invest in the technology and get yourselves ready for the transition before you lose out on more of your resources due to credit card fraud and such. It’s still a big game-changer as far as white-collar crime is concerned. So don’t hesitate. This is the name of the game for business these days.

You Need Help Managing the Finances of Your Business?

Cloud Based Bookkeeping can do it. We’re consultants. We have access to the resources you need to protect your funds, your sensitive information, your taxes. Everything. Even when it involves this new credit card chip technology. Visit our Google+ page as well and then sign up today!

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How to Screw Up Your Cash Flow Forecasting: the Income Line

Credit’s big in business, too. Ever heard of a company credit card? Yes, that CEO better keep a close eye on that one. More importantly, though, is how a business can screw up their credit not from the ground up, but shockingly enough — from the very top.

Cash Flow Forecasting Largely Relies on the Income Line Predictions!

What that is, simply put, is the statement of cash flow from the very top: we’re talking about actual cash flow forecasting-1income projections. The actual forecasting. If it’s not done right, cash flow forecasting basically sucks! It’s the biggest error a business can make, and perhaps not one financial adviser on planet Earth can rectify it (but perhaps Cloud Based Bookkeeping can!).

It’s not, though, like you have a monkey crunching the numbers. You don’t have to be a dunderhead to make the big errors in cash flow forecasting, really. All it takes is one subtle inefficiency, and the entire financial structure can come crumbling down. That’s a bad thing given the fact that this inefficiency comes from the very top.

A typical error you might see when it comes to cash flow forecasting is the line item incrementalizing. In other words: don’t ever forecast growth for the next year based on what you did last year. Just because your business grew by 10% doesn’t mean you can forecast growth at a 12% rate. We understand ambition, and we certainly like to see people swing for the fences. But when it comes to taxes and finances…. Anything goes.

Education Is Power When It Comes to Finances

So says H.O.P.E., right? Seriously, though, whether you’re a rent-to-own landlord looking for a consultant to make sure all the numbers and legal stuff’s squared away, or you’re just in business to get your bookkeeping done right as this review states, one thing’s for sure: the assistance, education, and consultation available will be a tremendous help even when you’re doing a DIY credit repair. Be in the know. Right now.

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Why Bankruptcy Filings Require Credit Counseling Approval

This is honestly why credit counseling and credit repair are so important to us. It’s considered the first step to remedy disaster — and the disaster can come in many forms…. Identity theft, lack of bookkeeping resources, lack of legal assistance even! The list can go on and on. And while bankruptcy filings can solve plenty of issues, we always go with credit repair as the main source of success to avoid any clean slate. Having a bankruptcy on your credit report isn’t exactly a shining gem, a question you should have in your repertoire of questions for any credit counselor.

The Law Actually Requires That You Attend a “Briefing” With a Credit credit counseling-1Counseling Agency, Believe It or Not

And for good reason. You need to know for sure what you’re going to be facing in the event of your bankruptcy filing, regardless of whether or not it’s going to be a Chapter 7 or 13. While you may get that clean slate, make no mistake: it’ll be just as easy to let your budgeting and money management fall by the wayside and get back into the same situation of financial failure and credit counseling that brought you to the legal side in the first place.

That briefing will be your instructional course on personal finance coordination, something the Income Tax Planning Network could assist you with — and this is crucial to consider before your debts are ever discharged. Once you’ve completed the course, of course, you get that sign-off you need as mandated by the law to go through with the bankruptcy filing.

Brings About an Important Point You Have to Keep in Mind

Bankruptcy isn’t supposed to be a “way out.” It’s an option. For some, it may be the only option. It’s, for sure, never a crutch; and it never should be. So you always want to be sure that if you’re faced with the option for bankruptcy, make sure through credit counseling that it is, indeed, your only option!

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