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I “Like” the Idea of Selling My Home With Facebook

Isn’t it nice to be positive? Thumbs up. Thumbs up like how it’s done on Facebook. The king of social media reins supreme in terms of positivism, because it’s all about networking and a family orientation. Oh, look, your mom’s on. Send a message! What, you have a friend over in China? She’s on right now. Poke her.

Facebook makes it a button push to connect with another human being without even stepping outside of your house, catching a ride on a plane, or even sending a snail mail letter. It’s like a super power now, one the Avengers themselves would be jealous of (although I’m pretty sure Tony Stark uses social media religiously).

But can it really make it that much easier for you to sell your home? Really? Can selling my home be a snap just with a few posts on Facebook to friends and family?

The Short Answer Is This: YES

Outreach is the key when it comes to selling my home, right? In a way, you wouldn’t even need an agent if you really know how to utilize your own Facebook profile to get your FSBO off the ground. Come to think of it…. agents could use their Facebooks as well and make a killing selling their properties via social media without even breaking a sweat. The reason why is the simple outreach. Those friends add up. Your entire friend list — as well as those following you on your profile — end up seeing your updates immediately. Talk about word-of-mouth advertising making a killing. That’s practically homicide.real estate Avengers

You have to know how to use your Facebook profile, or page (or both) correctly, though.

  • Utilize That Photo Upload Liberally
  • Upload Plenty of Videos of Your Properties
  • Set Up a One-Time-Read Facebook Note With All Your Information
  • Include All Relevant Links in Your “About Me” Space

It’s almost ridiculous to think that your own Facebook profile can act as a veritable homepage — but it can. If you use it correctly. Looking at that series all by itself, you’d think that saying “selling my home will be easy” would be easy; it is easy. When organizing your album, be sure to set it up as “public,” too, or else nobody but those on your friends list will see it. Bear in mind, too, that you don’t have to necessarily set up your entire profile to be public, though.

Additionally, utilizing Facebook for what it is brings a unique advantage. Selling my home via Facebook is all about finesse. If you’re only using your profile as a marketing tool, you just might miss the mark. People read your feeds for something interesting; therefore, always post something cool. Whether it’s an interesting video you found, or a picture, or something funny. Engage your audience. Upon engagement, constantly sprinkle in those videos, pictures and posts about your properties at length to maximize that visibility. You’ll find that the property you’re pushing will get a lot of traction, response and interest from not only friends — because we all know the Incredible Hulk would love a new home — but perhaps others just happening to surf the web and fall onto your post and profile. It does happen. And Facebook does show up on those search engines.

Selling My Home Will Be a Snap

Just don’t be like Ultron with the terrible sense of humor, obviously. We wouldn’t want the Vision to start making trouble for you. Keep it cool, steer clear of the world domination, and get on your Facebook profile to maximize the real estate market with social media. Selling my home with Facebook will be about as easy as putting on that Infinity Gauntlet.

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The Avengers’ Look at the Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program

As we marvel (no pun intended) at Ultron’s demise at the hands of the Avengers, we pause to wonder how all those people of Sokovia would ever find solace in new dwellings given their great city had just been annihilated. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an Avengers-style type of initiative designed to provide United States real estate resources in the event of such emergencies?

We Have Something Here in the U.S. That Can Come Close, and It’s Called the Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program!

Suit up! And assemble! The Avengers are bringin’ the party to you (I…. I don’t see how that’s a party….). Because while social media’s on the upsurge about this particular program, as well as a certain review site spouting out praise, the Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program echoes that sense of super-heroism as an age of (not Ultron) but of H.O.P.E. And, yes, I did that on purpose, placing the acronym appropriately to make a point. Home Ownership IS Possible with Education — a truly powerful paradigm in this American real estate Collage of 3 3/4 Avengers action figures from Marvel Comics. -- Want more? jdhancock.com | @JDHancock on Twitter | Facebookindustry, one that the Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program echoes in good form as this other program endorses, and if you have a hard time believing in this hammer, shield or green hulk of property value goodness, all you would need to do is take one good look at any of these sparkling reviews —

And you can expect plenty more reviews to come, because this initiative has certainly gained plenty of traction, and for good reason. Don’t you think?

Plenty More to Look for Regarding the Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program

Don’t just look to the reviews, though, on this U.S. program for RTO homes. You’ll get everything with this plan hitting social media like a ton of Hawkeye’s arrows and Thor’s lightning. You’ve got legal assistance here, credit repair, and even identity theft. The whole nine yards. Everything you need regarding rent-to-own lease contracts, and getting into the right home for your family. Even a free list of rent-to-own homes!

You can’t beat that sort of value — and we all know that’s what Nationwide Property Values is all about. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROGRAM, CLICK HERE AND ENTER YOUR NAME, EMAIL, AND U.S. PHONE NUMBER.