Convenience is the name of the game when looking to retire. You’re tired of the ever-changing landscape of jobs, promotions, raises, home improvements, new moves, kids going to college, getting married, years are getting up there, and you’re ready to settle down in a ranch-style zero-down home or something, but your first question is this: what’s the best city to retire in? Should you just look for a small town? Or is there more value to watch out for?

Greenville, SC, Brings More Than Just a ‘Small Town’ to Retire InGreenville SC retirement

How so? So you’re a 50-something, and you just don’t want to have to spend too much of that fixed income just to drive and get groceries, or watch movies or play Bingo, etc. etc., and that right there is the benefit to look out for. Greenville, South Carolina, isn’t just a small town where easy living echoes with ease, low stress and the blue skies every morning as the heart of America would have you see day in, day out.

Rather, Greenville’s a great place to retire to for a number of reasons: one, the lack of a state tax on social security. Checkmark on that. Secondly, not only are the home prices and median mortgage payments already quite low, there’s the remarkable savings on property taxes at just under $800. In comparing other retirement towns, that sits at among the best as far as property taxes go.

Here’s the true benefit of looking to retire in Greenville: culture. Nourishing your peace of mind isn’t just about waking up and not hearing a train station or police cars all the time in a metropolitan area. Enjoying cultural attractions happens to be one of the great mainstays of Greenville given the fact that the County Museum of Art happens to be free. Trolley rides as well as downtown Wi-Fi is also free of charge, so as a person looking to retire, you can enjoy surfing and streaming out in the park without even a mobile connection.

That’s What I call Retirement

When convenience is key, retirement is beautiful. Ask any person looking to retire. Greenville just might be the place to retire in if that’s what you’re looking for.