HOAs (also known as “homeowner associations”) are like gatekeepers. Think Ghostbusters here. Zuul. If only we could get Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster, onboard, we’d be doing more than crossing the streams here in the real estate industry. Alas, we don’t — and we face these gatekeepers of HOAs with a lot of trepidation due to all the rules and regulations homeowners and home buyers have to abide by. And we long for that real estate manual to guide us through at least some of the tumultuous ectoplasm latent in the full-roaming vapors surrounded by real estate agents, brokers, property managers and so on and so forth.

And, Yet, NPV Has It. Right Here. A Bit of a Guide to HOAs.

In the real estate market, it’s all about questions. What questions matter? And this applies on both sides of the coin. Are you part of an HOA? What do you need to know? To do? What about considering a property within an HOA. What do you need to be aware of?

Sadly, this particular ‘guide’ can morph into everything from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to Slimer in seconds all because of the changing landscape of the real estate market, everything from legal to all theHOAs growing trends we’re seeing with home prices, mortgage rules, and even down payment averages. At the very least, though, these questions will get you started on the right foot.

  • What Are the Differences Between Those CC&Rs and the “Rules and Regulations”? — Sounds like it shouldn’t matter, but it actually does. To an ‘extent’. Here’s the answer to this question.
  • What’s a Reasonable Policy for HOA Expenditures? — A typical question HOAs would want answered for their treasurers, obviously — thankfully, we’ve got the goods right here.
  • Let’s Say You’ve Got Some Unpaid Water Bills All of a Sudden With Your HOA. Can You Impose an Emergency Special Assessment Even Without Member Approval? — Another question for an HOA manager, no doubt…. And members do have a say to some degree. This would be one heck of an emergency, though, don’t you think? Read here for more.
  • I Don’t Like HOA Board Politics. How Do I Avoid Dealing With That Crap? — It seems whenever we’re dealing with a group of authority-minded people, politics can get crazy (pay attention, Donald Trump). But is there a way for HOAs and their boards to find some kind of common ground?
  • Can Developers Propose Expense Allocation for Uneven Units? — After all, expenses for a 1-bedroom will be different for a 2-bedroom. So it only seems fair. But there’s a lot to keep in mind regarding this.
  • How Do I Write an Effective HOA Newsletter? — Many would think that it’s pointless to drum up constant drivel. But there is a way to set up a newsletter that basically writes itself. Here’s how.

We Ain’t Afraid of No HOAs

And we got the tools and talent to prove it at NPV. What you have to understand that while there’s a board with a bunch of people encompassing varying opinion, the key to getting the common ground and figuring out that the HOA’s on the right track requires a certain focus. And everyone needs to be on board with that focus.

Or else you’ll have a bunch of homeowners that’ll hate where they live! Homeowners, listen up: pay close attention to HOAs and how they operate. And real estate professionals? Operate the right way. That’s the key to a healthy real estate industry. Nothing strange in this neighborhood, and you won’t have to call anyone (except maybe a Ghostbuster or two). Register to buy your home today!