American Dream…If just the word ‘property’ is crawling under your skin. All that dirt…all that mowing…2-car-garage and a big yard…makes you feel a little dread, a little hee-bee-gee-bees…

I prefer the Tiny House Styled RV here, because it’s American-Dream seeming…AND I can handle it.

The aesthetics are there… which is a fancy way of saying “It’s prettier to me”.

The lower cost and debt to income ratio…is there.

The interest rate for a loan is there…what kind of loan? what kind of credit do I need for the interest rate I can handle? These are question marks.

The Same Story Goes For A Big House, A Normal House or…The American Dream House…Barbie Dream House…My Dream House…The Rigmarole…Rig-A-More-Roll

Something I can easily clean and is designed by the square inch, instead of square foot. I’m a millennial; can you tell?

american dream

Being surrounded by beauty is a main motivator for me, for explorers to take the pains to arrive… in a place new-to-them, and then colonize, assimilate…put up my tiny home and yes, aesthetics had a lot to do with it. Freedom does, too. Aesthetics somehow got left out of the American Dream because it turns out a thing made by hand somehow has more beauty about it than a pre-fab home made by machines (which were made by hand). That level of removal, less beauty is there…being close to nature can heighten a sense of life and remover the aesthetic con…because, a log cabin home won’t be as good log cabin wall paper, or a log cabin looking tiny home…But, I can buy it – or built it myself – and not with Uncle Tom. 

Perhaps I was also/just really really won over by the Barbie Dream House…Oh! So small!

The idea that we can have what we prefer is the American Dream. As an ethos of ideals… that direct our lives…the American Dream headmade of very abstract values grew to have a certain very concrete look to it: A House. The majority of people are a-ok with a cookie cutter home-like-mansions in a suburb..and their freedom of speech, right to bare arms, public roads and (of choice…) schools…Some want more affordable options that have diverse community in an  urban landscape…Just like some would say, Oh! So Cute! The American Dream!…The American Dream grew to have quite a poor reputation, too. Check out Urban Dictionary’s definition. 

Regardless of What Your Dream Looks Like The Steps To Get It Are Similaramerican dream

How To Get What You Dream – In A Systematized, Globalizing World…Use Your Tools!

Get off the grid? I 100% support this dream, however it comes with great start up costs…hence, communes. Haha. More people to spread the cost to create an off-the-grid (new) grid. I joke, but really. Check out this article with excellent infographics to systematize these bits of logic.

Then go for it!! This is another excellent article with how to finance a tiny house….You may need a loan…Click here for a great option.  

“Doug Schroeder, a 20-year veteran of home building founded Alabama-based Timbercraft Tiny Homes late last year. He’d been in the big sea – the big building business but caught on that there’s the whole neglected group of buyers who want something a bit different.” raves an article on H.O.P.E. To Own Musings.
H.O.P.E. To Own Your Own Homes says, “Tumbleweed Tiny House Company goes far beyond providing you a service, but educating you on the new frontier that is tiny home building with the added advantage of mobility. This takes moving “up” in the real estate market to a whole new level.”

Maybe you are more moderate, and tiny homes are not your thing…The word ‘property’ makes your skin prickle with goose-bumps of excitement – because HOME! Or you are an investor who sees the home-glow in the eyes, and human rights or many…and you need connections… ON THE GRID… where living’s easy.

Well, maybe you need better credit reports to get a loan..

The Sub Prime Credit Store Is A Very American One-Stop-Shop For All The Dreams You Didn’t Even Know You Had

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