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The Difference Between Tax Planning and Tax Paying…

…Is That With The Same Income You Pay Less In Taxes Is…A Maximum Refund  There are many credits and deductions available to the knowledgeable (or those who pay for the expertise) and the incentive for the government to clearly spell it out is just not there…clearly. They can pad their budget by NOT letting you […]

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7 Steps To A Heavenly, Greener Home Space

What follows are the golden gates to the kingdom of your home.

Seriously, the littlest touches make a big difference when trying to spruce the place up for a showing…for yourself!

From Yard To Table, To The Toilet, To The Basement Pipes…Why Keep Habits That Cost You and Our Environment

The Lucky 7 List To Be A More Ethical Homeownergreener home

#1 Insulate your pipes

This will make your heating and gas bills go down. Less heat lost to the air around the pipe. Easy fix.

#2 Make your own cloth napkins and while you are at it…snack baggies. 

greener spaceJust an hour at your sewing machine and you could gain some skills. Take a rectangle of your favorite fabric, which totally could have been an old piece of clothing. Use an iron to fold each side in just a little. Fold it over again. Iron again. And now sew a straight line down each edge. That’s called a hem, and Wa-la napkins! Roll them or fold and stack them in a basket you keep handy by the table. Keep a laundry basket somewhere…maybe in step 3.

An old t-shirt doesn’t need to be hemmed because it won’t fray, so in a pinch…it’s better than paper towels. Easy to wash and return to the basket.

Snack baggies are just as easy to home-make… only you add an old plastic table cloth as a double layer. Oil cloth works as well, just don’t use the iron directly on easier slippery fabric. Once you hem all sides as with the table napkins then fold nearly in half, leaving a little flap; sew up the sides.

#3 Build a recycle centergreener home

Your kitchen is the first place to collect a lot of junk. It’s easy to just throw everything in the trash. It’s not the best for the environment. Sometimes the path of least resistance will lead to demise. You can still make it easy to recycle. Cool containers in your pantry or garage or somewhere handy…will really help. A bin for your dirty napkins, towels, snack baggies.

#4 Compost

greener homeThrough the recycling center you have eliminated a lot of your waste for the trash. How about a little more. There is nothing more frustrating in the spring season than paying for dirt – no matter how earth deprived you are. Why  not use your scraps from the kitchen and make your own. A pile under a piece of cardboard, that you shovel around sometimes is great…in a country setting, where the smell or sight bothers no one. If you have a smaller yard in an urban area composting isn’t advised, until a compost ball was invented. The big plastic sphere will roll around your yard – hands free. You just open the hatch and feed it the scraps.


#5 Create your own all-purpose cleanergreener home

Vinegar + baking soda = Magic. Also, toilet bowl cleaner. 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar. Let it sit for a few minutes, scrub. Some hot water added to this combination with some essential oil for smells is an ideal cleaner for a spray bottle. Use it liberally and safely all over your home. Bleach though is the best cleaner for the dirty, germ ridden kitchen sponge. Soak it in a bowl with a little water and a little bleach overnight. The food grime melts right off.

#6 Take advantage of the rain

Turning on the hose costs you. A rain barrel to catch water for the garden and even those house plants is an amazing way to save water and money long term. For low tech placement, put the barrel by different sections of the garden and tip it when the ground is dry again after a rain. For high tech and high yield, cut your drain pipe and let the roof water go in the barrel. Buy a pump with a hose connection and
Da-da! the gardener’s dream – water, cheap…even when it’s not raining.

#7 Set up a plant stand

greener homeHouse plants living inside is incredible for your mental, physical and spiritual health. Mentally because seeing green has a calming effect on a person. It’s biological. Physically because there is more oxygen in your environment – cleaner air for you. And spiritually because the act of caring for the plant…water pulled out of your rain barrel…and the occasional re-potting and or pruning…is a symbol for your growth. Remembering to care for the plant teaches you to remember to water yourself, with whatever feeds your soul.

Are you lacking your plot and structure for creating this greener home dream?

Need a canvas for your heaven to evolve? Do this – Don’t let bad credit stop you. We have just the programs that will get you well on the way to the up and up. The greener and more heavenly part is up to you.

Click here to register for your own first-home or a different better home. 

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Humpty Dumpty Had Bad Identity Theft Protection, Get the Ultimate

They couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again…

May That Sad Day Not Repeat With You

We spend a significant portion of our pay checks on things that may happen. There’s “the past” section of you budget labeled debt. There’s “the present” section like food, fun and mortgage or rent or better, rent to own. Then there’s “the future” section… Health insurance, house insurance if you are looking at that mortgage, car insurance…and ID theft protection!? Good grief, great, what’s next? Name protection?broken-943413_960_720

Actually, yes. That’s included in Identity Theft Protection.

If you would buy protection for your assets, why not buy protection for your money…that’s an easy “chicken or the egg”. Money is the egg!

It’s worth it to have because the banks job isn’t to protect your Identity. That’s a separate service that you need these days, unfortunately. Specialization of tasks has happened through the Industrial revolution. The banks do warn you of suspicious activity, occasionally. But, again, that’s not their job so they aren’t going to be the ultimate at it.

Also many hackers steal your identity through the bank. The target sometimes isn’t the best line of defense. It’s the sniper. Outside of the apparent pictures. Way over here, waiting in the wings is Ultimate Identity Theft Protection.

Who Would You Be Complaining To When You Attempt To Handle Fraudulent Activity On Your Account Due To The ‘Bad Eggs’ Out There?

Let the banks do what banks do best (loaning out your money at interest) and let us do what we do best, here at Ultimate Identify Theft Protection (exactly what it sounds like).

If you think hard about it there are pieces of your identity scattered all around town. The Car dealership attaches a credit report to your file, if you’ve ever financed a car. All your past employers have your  information. Find you on google earth at a gas pump…Maybe a fly that’s actually a remote controlled flying camera is watching you type your pin into the key pad, and gets the card numbers from the County Municipal Hall where you paid for a license once. You know they don’t have up to snuff technology.

No one else can catch theft quicker. If you are lucky we can even catch errors on your credit report and have those misplaced identity mistakes eliminated, ultimately. 70% of all credit reports have errors, and through The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1972 these errors can be reported…and that’s just one way Ultimate Identity Theft will go to bat for you. Sign up today. 

A New or Used Car Could Be The Peace You Are Missing

“Hey, Long Time No See…” You Say.

“Oh hello, so good to see your here. Hey- what are your kids’ names?”

“House. Car. And Job.”

“Nice. We picked the same, only a different order. Job. Car. House. What are your pets’ names?”

“Phone and Insurance.”

When It Rains It Pours…

When you go out for the day, your kids will play…and then Rent To Own Answers shows up wearing a really tall hat and pulls out a…bunny! No, Money!! new or used car

The kids, House, Car and Job, sniff the money. It stinks. So they make paper airplanes to get it away and air it out. Which ended poorly when it fell into a fish bowl. The fish, Insurance, says, “Wrong-o. Go put that money in your mom’s wallet right now!” So the kids ate the bills so Insurance couldn’t see them and say something! He’s just a fish so he did forget.

Meanwhile…the Rent To Own Answers is piling on the things…a welcome mat, a house key, instruction manuals for appliances, a few tid-bits from the junk drawer.

You went out for the day to figure out where to live next, but your car breaks down and your phone falls into a puddle and you opted out of phone insurance to save money in order to buy birthday presents for house, car and job. Wrong call.

What else were you to do?

New or Used CarSometimes when it rains it pours…and holding adult life together is a lot like dominoes. Setting it all up over and over again is sad and….On your borrowed time, dime, mind…

“Don’t let life get your down. Use your tools, your head and sleep well in your bed!” I say to you, but look over and see a car pulling up. “Oh hey Hybrid…what are you doing here? Hey! Turn your gas engine off so you can hear me.”

“Oh. That’s better I can hear you and you can breathe! Niiice.” Hypbrid’s headlight focuses on you.  “What’s up, you! Do you need a ride? I came over when I saw that phone fall in the puddle. Come with me. Something has to go your way!”

This is a really great site to find a car, quickly! Near you! Hold it together! You got this. 

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2 Mind Tricks That Will Deliver Success – In Life or Pokémon

Communication Has Two Major Categories: Words and Images

A word connatates a meaning, a story and your mind makes an image for a word…and better images if you have practiced this automatic mental process. Seeing an image makes the mind talk. Mental images bring on thoughts.

The Importance Of Positive Self-Talk

You are what you eat. Literally your cells are built from the bits and pieces of the minerals and vitamins you consume. Likewise you become what you think. If you think of yourself as the best hula-hooper ever, when you hula-hoop you will be better than if you thought, “I don’t know how to do this – I’m no good.” Even if you aren’t the best in the world, thinking you are will make you better.

The cynical realists of you are thinking, “So you are telling me to be delusional and lie to myself.” Now, now let’s not be negative, but…

Sort of. Belief is an important piece of reality. Can you think of any major religion and it’s relationship to belief? It’s key.

Just like abstract art is still real. Like my anger is as real as my eye ball.

Thoughts are real things…brain waves…that come out of our heads and effect the more material world.

Have you ever thought about someone and soon after that person calls you? You see them and they said they were thinking of you, too?

Paul Maclauchlan writes a blog called “No Limit Success” and He illustrates the power of positive self-talk in these laws…

6 Laws of the Human Mind:

  • Law #1 – Thoughts are real forces.success
  • Law #2 – The mind is a sending and receiving station for thoughts.
  • Law #3- The Law of Attraction: Thoughts that are emotionalized become magnetized and attract similar and like thoughts.
  • Law #4- The Law of Control: We are forever experiencing thoughts. We have the ability to entertain or dismiss the thought.
  • Law#5- The Law of Insertion: We have the power and ability to insert a specific thought into our mind at any time.
  • Law #6- The Law of Connection: The inner world (of thoughts and reactions) and the outer world (of circumstances and situations) are connected to each other.

If you are trying to sell your house, and you think “Who is going to want this place?!” Then less people, or no people will want it. Now you probably also think, “I am going to sell my house.” You tell your friends, “I am selling my house.” But your self-talk can be unhealthy and fight your mission. Think like a success and be a success. Think like a failure and be a failure. It’s absolutely not that clear cut, because sometimes we can think so positively of another person that our thoughts positively effect their lives…It’s a complex thing – but a very simple idea.

Think happy thoughts.

The Importance Of Positive Imagery

Talking yourself up can feel strange – fake…at first. But positive imagery, is like day dreaming. And likely flows much more naturally. Some people don’t like to day dream because it’s not realistic. However, a solid dream you repeatedly think about is going to attract those kinds of things to you. And the image itself has life, bringing that abstract idea into being, in reality.

Just like watching an actor on tv can be so pleasurable, partly because your brain gets tricked through mirror neurons into thinking that it’s YOU who is doing those things. It might feel new to your muscles to swing a bat for the first time, but if you vividly imagine yourself swinging a bat….when you actually try it you will be better than if you hadn’t “practiced”.

Athletes use this trick all the time. Imagine yourself winning and when you are performing there is a sense of Déjà vu…this has happened before…because it has! In your mind.

Giving our imagination the power and credit it is due will only help you achieve your hopes, dreams and goals.

This idea isn’t new. And perhaps this isn’t new news to you. There is a popular book and movie called The Secret which spells this out in great detail.

Change Your Reality With Tips Fit For The Even More Popular Augmented Reality Game: Pokémon Go

Here are some tips from Russel Holly that absolutely apply to the reality of success in getting a house, job, car, education and you imagine the rest…

Focus On Throw Bonuses

Throw yourself a bone. Positive self-talk can be cheesy, “You have a fantastic smile, then you imagine yourself like the Prom queen-king or Princess Di waving to your constituents or customers.” It’s all in the little things.

Play To Your Type

If you are the cynical type this fluffy positivism can really really annoy you. But – you can have a grittier version of the same thing. If you are the non-verbal type…a nice grounded mountain pose can give you the CEO power you crave / need to overcome the CEO’s you disdain.

Always Dodge First

Negative thoughts will flow like a polluted river, and the problem is they spread. You can let the thought SLIP off the frying pan of your mind! Dodge it. You are imagining yourself living in a castle and it goes taken over my dragons all of a sudden…turn the dragons into flies and party on.

Sneaky Swap Out

Reality lacks the luster of your imagination? Of course. Clear space in your material life for newness. Minimize clutter, rearrange the office…clean something. Act like you have the space for all you desire and it will find you. That’s the secret.

Battery Packs To Fuel Your Pokémon Go gameplay!

Battery packs to fuel YOU. If you eat right, get enough sleep, drink water and exercise you are in a power position overall to excel in every way.

Travel With A Diverse Crew

This one doesn’t translate well to positivism and life…because we think of the social construct of race. But be around people who THINK differently than you. You will grow.

If you want be in a house today, then imagine yourself in your dream house today. It can’t hurt, but many, many people swear that it will create that outcome much sooner.

For all of you believers and skeptics out there…positive thoughts are one thing but positive action is a step above…

The Rent To Own Machine…is a pool of resources looking for people with a positive vision of their lives, but without all the means to create it. These businesses have partnered to deliver your dreams…whether that’s a rent to own home, a traditional mortgage, home refinancing or an auto loan…success

Where Do You Imagine Yourself? Tell Yourself You Can Have That. The Rent To Own Machine Can Help!

Click here for a tangible, concrete and actual resource to make your positive thoughts and images of your life turn into a reality.

Friendly Reminder! You Don’t Have To Keep A Balance On a Credit Card To Build Credit! It’s a #myt…

Friendly Reminder! You Don't Have To Keep A Balance On a Credit Card To Build Credit!

It's a #myth! Busted.

Sometimes when we let others handle our books, we OUT-OF-SIGHT-OUT-OF-MIND !

With #CBB  you can always SEE your books, like a pocketbook, taking it with you where ever you go.

Try not to carry that balance around either!
Don't burn your money on interest, buddy.

How to Conduct the Burning Money Experiment

How to Conduct the Burning Money Experiment. The ‘burning money’ experiment is a fun and educational experiment where you set money on fire without burning it! This is bound to impress others. Make a solution of water and rubbing alcohol….

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It’s Men Who Are The Gold Investors and It’s Women Who Are The Gold.. Men are more likely than wo…

It's Men Who Are The Gold Investors and It's Women Who Are The Gold..

Men are more likely than women to invest in #gold as their #1 choice.

35% of Americans think Real Estate is smarter than Gold.

17% are all aboard the gold train.

It's a tool like #CBB  that could show the data on that one.

How do your investments pay off over-time; can you tell?

This is a picture of Pyrite, fool's gold; can you tell?

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The post It’s Men Who Are The Gold Investors and It’s Women Who Are The Gold.. Men are more likely than wo… appeared first on The Complete Real Estate Site.

The post It’s Men Who Are The Gold Investors and It’s Women Who Are The Gold.. Men are more likely than wo… appeared first on Your Rent-to-Own Consultants.

The post It’s Men Who Are The Gold Investors and It’s Women Who Are The Gold.. Men are more likely than wo… appeared first on RentToOwnReviews.

The Millennial Cry For Help: Health Insurance Health Insurance. WHAT!? Did you say HEALTH INSURAN…

The Millennial Cry For Help: Health Insurance

Health Insurance. WHAT!? Did you say HEALTH INSURANCE???? What's that? What's the right one for me? It raises a ton of questions, and when it comes to health insurance and #millennials , it doesn't come as a surprise that most of them don't know what it is, or how to get the right kind. Of 1,131 millennials polled, a huge percent, were talking 29% of millennials, received financial support and help from their parents when it came to getting health insurance. Were talking 328 people getting help from Mom and Dad. We don't blame them though., it's tough making sure you get the right kind, and that's why we have these offers for you.

4 Statistics About Millennials and Parental Financial Support

Millennials aren’t as independent as we thought they were! Here are 4 statistics/facts about millennials and financial support. Click here for more info.

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Look, we at #CBB  get it. You want success. For you, so do we. But don’t be in a rush. Play it sm…

Look, we at #CBB  get it. You want success. For you, so do we. But don't be in a rush. Play it smart. Focus on the day. Not necessarily the goal. Do your daily job well, and the goal will be reached all on its own.

Sticking With a Daily Sales Cap: Don’t Get Too Ambitious

We all love success with business and finances, right? But you have to set a daily sales cap. Take it easy and know that growth is growth, and that’s good!

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