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Word On The Street: Rent Is More Expensive Than Buying

“I don’t want to be trapped in a 30 Year Mortgage – or a 30 Year Anything!”


Vincent van Gogh – Houses at Auvers

“I don’t want the hassle of ownership.”

We HEAR YOU, but please, we have a point and plea. Carry on…

Millennials and Generation Z’s are pouring into Grand Rapids between Grand Valley, Aquinas, Ross Education Center, Ferris State University’s Kendall, Western, MSU Medical School, of course, Grand Rapids Community College and more. It’s not a secret anymore how awesome Grand Rapids is (Thanks ArtPrize!) and people are graduating – and staying put. It’s true – read about it here. 

That dorm life is translating into roommate situations, and remaining that way. Even married couples are getting a mortgage and keeping a roommate or two. The Co-Op James Russel House isn’t the only one with these cooperative living ideas! Little micro-communities is partly what’s making Grand Rapids so great! It’s been known that GR is a great place to buy and flip, or become the not-slum-lord.

We do hear the aches of gentrification – and people are talking about how to respect and join the existing communities while being a part of an expanding local economy. Read a three part series on race from Grand Rapids Home Values Here: Let’s Talk Racial Inequality: History, Specifics and Solutions.

One Solution We At Grand Rapids Property Value Really Love Is: OWNERSHIP

If there’s a tension between the Grand Rapids natives and the new kids on the block…and there’s a really high incentive for big money to buy up all the real estate and rent to this not-so-secret growing population. That’s not the Grand Rapids native’s favorite option. Big investors owning your block, while you struggle to hang on…as they charge more and more for rent because they can. Yeah, not ideal.

Why not? If you walking around town (playing Pokémon Go – look up) and you may be able to guess which homes are owned by the tenant and which homes are rented by the tenant (all home are owned by someone – or some corporation).

As a general rule of thumbs-up,

The Tenant Owned Homes Are Kept Up Better Because Ownership Results In Pride

rentRent results in carelessness because yeah, it’s not yours. You can care…less…Read the  The Pros and Cons of Owning Vs. Renting.

Pride in the homes in your community IS pride in your community. Ownership equals more pride. The hassle of ownership IS the never ending desire to care for what you own. Some will call it burden. Some will have a roommate to do the work with and then share a refreshing beverage, waving to neighbors and sitting on the porch — heaven.

Cat sitting is nice… It’s a whole different ball of yarn to be a cat mom or dad. That cat is better cared for by mom or dad. That cat wants a mom or dad, but it’ll purr for whoever is nice enough, sure.

Our Community Will Be Better Cared For If More Of You Are In A Home…”Owning It”

“Own it” means, do it well. 

Now – some of you are millennials that don’t have credit…you listened to your human mom or dad tell you the woes of credit cards so you didn’t get any. You may not have been the roommate mom or dad that took care of the bills, building up red tape, system tolerance (winky face).

Some of you don’t care about that because you don’t want to own a home anyway. But do you really see what that means now? Pay more per month, for what? Do you want to pay more per month without even the chance of that coming back to you in some form of benefit? Not really, just a guess.

Just because you get a mortgage doesn’t mean you need to stay in it forever. You can sell it! You can ownership-it…make it your own, make it nicer, play poke-the-house GO! And when you are ready to move to Portland, Ireland or Greenland…you can! You can sell it. OR you can rent it out. Check out that ball of yarn. Property managers are real thing and there are lots of handy people in GR to do it!

Buying Has Become Cheaper Than Renting

There are business who are just waiting to fill your service needs…Like THE ULTIMATE RENT TO OWN HOME PROGRAM, click there to read a review and learn more.

There’s a lot of altruism in this program’s philosophy. You shouldn’t be rentlocked out of the housing market because of LOW or NO credit! There are tricks of the trade to fix this issue. The Sub Prime Credit Store is one such place…connecting you to options to build credit pretty fast. There are home owners out there who would rather have you taking excellent care of your community – through ownership… and understand your predicaments, hang ups, and whatever else.

Do you know that positive actions you take for your future WILL take some will power and of course the process can be annoying – but it has procrastination built in! And you cannot replace that feeling of taking care of yourself – that pride you’ll feel about YOU! Will transfer into your community.

Rent to own for better. It won’t be worse. And it will cost less. Let an educated representative hear your specific needs and situation and HELP you. We are here waiting. Click now. 

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Why Complete Real Estate Is Everyone’s Edge

The Tip On How To Build Your Edge In A Relationship Market Is To Know Your Neighbor

Freudian Slip! Haha, In The Real Estate Market Know Your Neighbor, but absolutely a good point. The real estate market is about relationship. Buyer and Seller and Renters and Owners.

The Complete Real Estate Site Is News Useful To Everyone Involved

If the real estate head honchos are reading only the part of the elephant dedicated to YOUR SIDE of the big fat, hedge-y, real estate animal…you’d read things like this (challenge: watch for oppressive language):real estate

“Good Job You Head Honchos, Invest That!”

“Being A Real Estate Mogul Is Hot Right Now”

Or “Giddy Up Over Here Cattle Like Renters”

And “Here’s Your Easy Tips To Colonize The Planet As Though You Are An Alien”

If the real estate inhabitants are reading only the part of the elephant dedicated to YOUR SIDE of the big fat, edgy piece of the pie, then you’d read things like this (challenge: watch for nice-nice):

“Decorate Your Walls To Look Nice”

“Budget Well”

“Rent-To-Own Homes For Everyone!”

Know your neighbor…Know Your Landlord, Know Your Bank? Know Your Elephant?

The elephant thing here is critical.

real estateThe Parable of The Blind Men And The Elephant Paraphrased

There were, for some odd or horribly tragic reason, there are three blind men walking through the jungle – which means a place with plant life and animals that no one owns….

And of course, the three blind men walk right up to an elephant, and try to take it (in?) with their hands…”Oh my goodness this animal is like a wall. It’s so big and tall. This animal is wall-like.””

And the next man who is blind, who was very PC, demonstrates BOTH/AND thinking so well and says,  “There is this rope thing on the wall-like…and there seems to be tear…” No actually, PC man who was blind says, “There’s no wall-like! It’s just a ROPE! And it flicks. It’s a twitchy-lil-thing! Not wall-like.”

And the third blind man says, “You silly heads, no, we are in a grove of trees and there is no animal.” 


Click here to see one elephant: H.O.P.E. Program gives you education about repairing credit, checking your score, legal advice, automotive services, scholarships and grants and so many more perks because businesses affliated with the H.O.P.E. Program creators only want to see you as houses, fed AND happy as possible.

“Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness…”

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Would You Like $250 NOT Leaving Your Pockets Monthly! with the HARP Program?

$250 is the average mortgage payment savings per month with the HARP program.

Of course You Would!

grand rapids

Education about the HARP Program Could Help You!

Does you mortgage total less than $650,000?

You might qualify for this HARP program. Find out in approximately 30 seconds here. 

Are you underwater? You really need the HARP Program.

Do you want to pay off your mortgage faster?? Of course you do.

Our government has great responsibility to keep the economy functioning. Banks getting as much interest out of you as they can is their prerogative, and that free hand isn’t great for you…and not great for the economy as a whole. If you are middle class and all your expendable income goes to the bank, and interest this is very bad for the overall health of the economy. If you have more expendable income you might, pay down debt, pay for a child’s schooling…or just have fun. Last month in May 2016 HARP refinances surpassed the 3.4 million mark, read more here. 

11 Million Americans Are Struggling To Make Rent – Getting A Mortgage Is Cheaper, Especially With HARP.

Read this Article from CNN about a concerning amount of Americans – where rent is becoming unaffordable. Ideally, you spend 50% of your income on bills…20% on financial goals (otherwise known as the past – debt – and future – savings, retirement, kid’s college…)…and 30% on weekly flex spending. You and everyone else spending the 30% freely spent makes up 100% of the paycheck for everyone else. That flow of goods and services outside of the bank getting your mortgage, or your landlord getting your rent and xfinity comcast is CRUCIAL.

Are You One Of The 325,000 Borrowers, Prospective Borrowers That The Government Is Trying To Protect?

grand rapidsA lower interest rate will put more money in your disposal. That’s better than you being completely strapped to a mortgage.

In 2016 the government is ready to move on from the HARP initiative to stimulate the economy…So take advantage of this TODAY.

If all this is far too much for you to handle speak with some really kind and knowledgeable representatives with the H.O.P.E. Program, whose goal is to connect you to a network that worries for you. These representatives work on your behalf. Click here and fill out this form to get a call. No shame.

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3 Ways Down Payment Grants Can Work For You

I understand how rough it can be to buy a new home. The down payment alone can be a daunting amount of money to come up with. If you are feeling this way, then down payment grants are an amazing option for you.

Benefits of Down Payment Grants

Lets get right to it. There are some serious benefits to down payment grants. A down payment grant decreases your costs, avoids burdening you with additional debt and eliminates property liens associated with secondary financing options.

This also creates a long-term positive domino effect because the housing market is filled with borrowers holding more equity for a future move-up purchase if they desire. In turn freeing upgrants another potential entry-level property.

Those are some serious benefits.

Other Options For You

For some, grants are an amazing option. But for others, more hefty assistance is necessary to get into housing.

Affordable Housing

When you are living on a budget, sometimes housing is just too far off from what your regular income can cover. There are housing options that are perfect for your situation.

There are also Low Income Housing Assistance Programs that could be applicable to you, and could help you get into the home that you have always wanted.

Assistance For Familiesmaxresdefault grants

When you have the responsibility for yourself as well as many other lives, it puts you in a very difficult spot when it comes to affording proper housing for those lives. The resources and assistance for families is ready to help you take some of the weight off of your shoulders and get you into the home perfect for your family.

How’s This For American Dream: RV Dream, Absolutely Attainable

American Dream…If just the word ‘property’ is crawling under your skin. All that dirt…all that mowing…2-car-garage and a big yard…makes you feel a little dread, a little hee-bee-gee-bees…

I prefer the Tiny House Styled RV here, because it’s American-Dream seeming…AND I can handle it.

The aesthetics are there… which is a fancy way of saying “It’s prettier to me”.

The lower cost and debt to income ratio…is there.

The interest rate for a loan is there…what kind of loan? what kind of credit do I need for the interest rate I can handle? These are question marks.

The Same Story Goes For A Big House, A Normal House or…The American Dream House…Barbie Dream House…My Dream House…The Rigmarole…Rig-A-More-Roll

Something I can easily clean and is designed by the square inch, instead of square foot. I’m a millennial; can you tell?

american dream

Being surrounded by beauty is a main motivator for me, for explorers to take the pains to arrive… in a place new-to-them, and then colonize, assimilate…put up my tiny home and yes, aesthetics had a lot to do with it. Freedom does, too. Aesthetics somehow got left out of the American Dream because it turns out a thing made by hand somehow has more beauty about it than a pre-fab home made by machines (which were made by hand). That level of removal, less beauty is there…being close to nature can heighten a sense of life and remover the aesthetic con…because, a log cabin home won’t be as good log cabin wall paper, or a log cabin looking tiny home…But, I can buy it – or built it myself – and not with Uncle Tom. 

Perhaps I was also/just really really won over by the Barbie Dream House…Oh! So small!

The idea that we can have what we prefer is the American Dream. As an ethos of ideals… that direct our lives…the American Dream headmade of very abstract values grew to have a certain very concrete look to it: A House. The majority of people are a-ok with a cookie cutter home-like-mansions in a suburb..and their freedom of speech, right to bare arms, public roads and (of choice…) schools…Some want more affordable options that have diverse community in an  urban landscape…Just like some would say, Oh! So Cute! The American Dream!…The American Dream grew to have quite a poor reputation, too. Check out Urban Dictionary’s definition. 

Regardless of What Your Dream Looks Like The Steps To Get It Are Similaramerican dream

How To Get What You Dream – In A Systematized, Globalizing World…Use Your Tools!

Get off the grid? I 100% support this dream, however it comes with great start up costs…hence, communes. Haha. More people to spread the cost to create an off-the-grid (new) grid. I joke, but really. Check out this article with excellent infographics to systematize these bits of logic.

Then go for it!! This is another excellent article with how to finance a tiny house….You may need a loan…Click here for a great option.  

“Doug Schroeder, a 20-year veteran of home building founded Alabama-based Timbercraft Tiny Homes late last year. He’d been in the big sea – the big building business but caught on that there’s the whole neglected group of buyers who want something a bit different.” raves an article on H.O.P.E. To Own Musings.
H.O.P.E. To Own Your Own Homes says, “Tumbleweed Tiny House Company goes far beyond providing you a service, but educating you on the new frontier that is tiny home building with the added advantage of mobility. This takes moving “up” in the real estate market to a whole new level.”

Maybe you are more moderate, and tiny homes are not your thing…The word ‘property’ makes your skin prickle with goose-bumps of excitement – because HOME! Or you are an investor who sees the home-glow in the eyes, and human rights or many…and you need connections… ON THE GRID… where living’s easy.

Well, maybe you need better credit reports to get a loan..

The Sub Prime Credit Store Is A Very American One-Stop-Shop For All The Dreams You Didn’t Even Know You Had

 – as your solutions to the obstacles in getting in the way of your dreams! click here.

8 Zen, Simple Steps To Raise Your Credit Score

Have You Heard of the 8 Fold Path?


credit score

The word Zen has a lot to do with it! Zen is actually a school of thought…a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition. You could benefit from meditation and valuing your intuitions when it comes to all the paperwork tasks…and the perseverance it requires.

Let’s connect the eastern Buddhist foundation with the foundational habits of a person with excellent credit, shall we?

This means right:

  • understanding
  • thought
  • speech
  • conduct
  • means to make a living
  • right mental attitude or effort
  • mindfulness
  • concentration

Here are 8 methods to walk the path that will lead to enlightened… credit? Lighter credit worries? Less Debt. Better Credit. Right credit? Right, credit.

Chanel some of those right settings into absorbing these next steps – use your understanding to think about how to conduct your self and speech in a way to make an ethical living, be hopeful about improving your credit, be patient in the steps you’ll take to do that…and concentrate.

  1. Watch those credit card balances.
    1. Transfer them to 0% interest cards – whenever possible. Then hit tip #5 really hard, but obeying tip #4.
    2. Use them – and pay them – like a charge card.
  2. Eliminate credit card balances.
    1. Pay them off.
    2. Reward yourself when you pay each bill with something not monetarily based.
      1. Rub your own feet with coconut oil
      2. Take a bath
      3. Do something productive without rushing
      4. Or disobey – buy sweets, eat sweets.
  3. Leave old debt on your report.
    1. That’s hopeful
      1. The past debt you have paid off is an excellent fact on a credit report! It makes you look more responsible…more so than someone who has never had debt..because you’ve proven you can pay it off.
  4. Use your calendar.
    1. At least use automatic payments.
    2. Or rather…use your calendar for everything
      1. Meal planning
      2. Play dates with friends
      3. Bills (Write the reward, though, for positive conditioning maximization)
      4. Birthdays
      5. Goals
      6. Moods
  5. Pay bills on time.
    1. Use your calendar
    2. Auto-mate your payments
  6. Don’t hint at risk.
    1. When speaking about your credit, past debt, payment history and especially, yourself…to stranger or mortgage lenders or credit specialists on the phone: speak with HOPE. 
      1. Speak with H.O.P.E. program (888) 920-4893.
        1. Or fill out this form and a representative will help you. 
  7. Don’t obsess.
    1. The goal here is to make your credit a non-issue…so you have access to the things we want ahead of when we can actually pay for them…because we need a car, a home, a phone before we can successfully have a job to pay for those things. To get a job we need education, internships, 13 years of some kind of schooling every year until graduation, and have you ever fed your moose a cookie? And he wanted a glass of milk?
    2. Use your GED, get a job, make money, pay bills, have fun.
  8. Sub Prime Credit Store Is Where To Hook Yourself Up – Get Things Automated, Paid Off, and Let Your Credit Worthiness Show In Your Score. 

What Is Sub Prime Credit Store And… How Can It Help My Credit Score?

$30/month is like paying for a coupon book…and a store…Sub Prime Credit Store…is how good credit is added and bad credit removed through services you choose and of course, like a coupon book it’s worth more to you than what you paid. It’s like being on a train…where one service directs you to another service which all help you get what you need…no matter what your decisions or habits have been in the past…help is within reach.

  • Did you know over 70% of credit reports have errors..maybe a credit repair specialist could fix that for you?
  • Once I paid on-star $13/month to provide me with peace-of-mind (roadside assistance)…There’s nearly 50% of your cost upfront…just for a perk of this one-stop
  • If you get really into the calendar recommendation then you’ll love Cloud Based Bookkeeping
  • If you were turned down for a mortgage because of a credit score…or if you were offered a really high interest rate because of your score…no worries, within 24 months you can build good credit and affiliates in the subprime credit score work to get your the lowest interest rate possible…

Click here to apply your knowledge and reach your goals, because you are credit worthy. Welcome to The Sub Prime Credit Store…

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4 Lines and Assisting Renters Will Change Everything

What can 4 lines and Assisting Renters get you? No, this isn’t some sort of bad joke or riddle. This is a real question with a real answer that may or may not shock you. So? What’s the answer? To make it short and sweet, it can get you basically everything you need when it comes to anything in the world of real estate.  You might be asking yourself, what do you mean “4 lines?” Don’t worry, we’ll get to that soon.

Assisting Renters Gives You Everything You Need, and Then Some!Assisting-Renters-image- assisting renters

It’s true! Using this site is a sure fire way to gain an unbelievably extensive amount of information. If you EVER need something answered that has ANYTHING to do with real estate, Assisting Renters is going to be your #1 site to visit.

So why sign up? Why don’t we just make this easier for all of us and just list off all of the different services and benefits that you can receive, just by filling out 4 lines. Yeah, 4 simple lines on

  • List of Home Rentals
  • Rent to Own Homes
  • Auto and Home loans
  • Renters Insurance
  • Apartments for Rent
  • Auto Insurance

And so many other awesome services. All of this and, you guessed it, then some, is right at your fingertips as soon as you sign up! Assisting Renters has over 50 different services available at the touch of a button.

Why Should This Matter To You?

Well, if you’re even the slightest bit interested in owning your own home, or renting a home for the time being, it helps to have someone, or something, to turn to if you ever run into any sort of problems. It might be time for you to expand your knowledge on the world of real estate.

To learn more and to sign up for Assisting Renters, CLICK RIGHT HERE!

4 Reasons Why The Complete Real Estate Site Should Be Your Go To Site

Are you a prospective buyer when it comes to real estate? Or just generally and genuinely interested in all things real estate? Well then you’re definitely in luck, because The Complete Real Estate Site is going to be your number one pick of websites to go to. Whether you’re trying your buy your own home for the first time, or you’re trying to rent a home because you don’t want to commit, you might need some guidance.

The Basics of The Complete Real Estate Sitethecompleterealestatesite The Complete Real Estate Site

Let’s say you’re brand new to this scary world of real estate. That’s okay! You’ll pick up on things pretty quick, as long as you use The Complete Real Estate Site for guidance.  This website has easy navigation, and the layout looks pretty good if you ask me. Now the title wasn’t lying to you! There really are 4 reasons as to why this website should be considered your go to website for anything related to real estate. Want to know what those 4 reasons are? We’ll fill you in…

  • They have an endless amount of information on all things “rental” – For more information on home renting, click right here!
  • They know the “in’s and out’s” of home owning – Want to learn more about buying a home? Go ahead and click right here.
  • They can help you get your property SOLD – Learn how to sell your home fast, by clicking right here.
  • They will give you the know how on all things real estate – Become a “Real Estate Guru,” and learn more by clicking right here.

We weren’t kidding, The Complete Real Estate Site really does have it all! There’s no forms to fill out or any annoying hoops to jump through, all you have to do, is check it out for yourself.

You can learn how to sell your home the right way, by clicking here.

Interested in becoming a real estate investor? It’s easy! Click right here.

Visit The Complete Real Estate Site by clicking right here.


Go Use Today!

We’re all looking for that special place to live, and buying a home in the United States is something that everyone dreams about doing since they were a kid. But that dream can sometimes be difficult to turn into a reality. So many annoying things can come into play, like not having the right amount of money, or looking in the wrong location, or even not having good credit. Finding just the right home can be tough, but no one ever said that it had to be impossible. can help make your dreams come true.

What Exactly Can Do For You, the Homeowner in the US?Register to buy a home landing page

That’s always a good question to ask, and it’s always important to really know, what can you get out of joining or signing up for a service? You never want to go into something blind. It makes sense to question things every once in a while. has so much to offer for homeowners and interested buyers.

What kind of services and benefits can you get from joining The list goes on and on, but we’ll name a few:

  • Real specialists
  • Approved lenders
  • Find accurate United States listings
  • Have all of the work done for you

That last one sounds pretty nice, right? Have all of the work done for you? No one likes to sift through paperwork and do all of the research on their own! Have someone ready to help you find your very own home in the United States.

The sign up process for this site is simple too! All you have to do is fill out 4 lines on the site and it’s as simple as that. You will have unlimited access to specialists, US home listings, and much more! What are you waiting for?!

For a similar review on, click right here!



The Truth Behind

Review sites can be sketchy sometimes. How can you really trust what some people have to say about certain services or products? Is it possible to trust them and know that it’s really going to be the best of the best? Or that it’s going to be your smartest investment? It’s tough to say really. In any other situation, I’d say, yeah, it’s no guarantee, but with, it’s for sure the BEST place to go for reviews. Is Here to Help!Rent to own reviews 2

Any time you’re ever looking to purchase some sort of product or service, it’s always smart to check online to see if anyone has previously reviewed it before you. Why? Getting input from other users or people with relevant and valid opinions is the best way to back up your own thought process. In the world of rent to own, it’s crucial to know which rent to own services will benefit you the most. On you can gain access to reviews on all of the top RTO services and sites, such as:

  • The H.O.P.E. Program
  • The Complete Real Estate Site
  • Assisting Renters

As well as many others!

Let Them Help You Make the Right Decision

If you’re looking to rent a home, or to gain access to any and all information on rent to own services online, is the website you need to visit! With unlimited access to all of these reviews, you can finally find out the best services, tailored exactly to the needs and wants that you’re looking for. If you want something that will benefit you at the end of the day, and not hold you back, choosing to use is one of the best things that you can do.

For another review similar to this one, click right here!

To learn more about, and to access reviews on many different rent to own services, click right here!