Can #Crowdfunding #RealEstate Investments Revitalize #Communities?

#AssistingRenters  certainly thinks so given that's what every renter wants — a revitalized community. And the fact is a good crowdfunding real estate strategy can accomplish that given this one important fact:


The applied math makes it easy: you revitalize a community, you increase the value. Interest in those properties go up. Investors gain more opportunities in home rentals and mortgages alike. That can only happen, though, when people pool their resources for the good of the community and make it happen.

The investor wins. The property manager wins. The landlord wins. The home renter wins. And, yes, the eventual home OWNER wins.

3 Ways Crowdfunding Real Estate Can Boost an Industry

You can do crowdfunding real estate? Sure! Thanks to the boost in communication in an industry supercharged by the Internet, you can. here’s how.

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