“Hey, Long Time No See…” You Say.

“Oh hello, so good to see your here. Hey- what are your kids’ names?”

“House. Car. And Job.”

“Nice. We picked the same, only a different order. Job. Car. House. What are your pets’ names?”

“Phone and Insurance.”

When It Rains It Pours…

When you go out for the day, your kids will play…and then Rent To Own Answers shows up wearing a really tall hat and pulls out a…bunny! No, Money!! new or used car

The kids, House, Car and Job, sniff the money. It stinks. So they make paper airplanes to get it away and air it out. Which ended poorly when it fell into a fish bowl. The fish, Insurance, says, “Wrong-o. Go put that money in your mom’s wallet right now!” So the kids ate the bills so Insurance couldn’t see them and say something! He’s just a fish so he did forget.

Meanwhile…the Rent To Own Answers is piling on the things…a welcome mat, a house key, instruction manuals for appliances, a few tid-bits from the junk drawer.

You went out for the day to figure out where to live next, but your car breaks down and your phone falls into a puddle and you opted out of phone insurance to save money in order to buy birthday presents for house, car and job. Wrong call.

What else were you to do?

New or Used CarSometimes when it rains it pours…and holding adult life together is a lot like dominoes. Setting it all up over and over again is sad and….On your borrowed time, dime, mind…

“Don’t let life get your down. Use your tools, your head and sleep well in your bed!” I say to you, but look over and see a car pulling up. “Oh hey Hybrid…what are you doing here? Hey! Turn your gas engine off so you can hear me.”

“Oh. That’s better I can hear you and you can breathe! Niiice.” Hypbrid’s headlight focuses on you.  “What’s up, you! Do you need a ride? I came over when I saw that phone fall in the puddle. Come with me. Something has to go your way!”

This is a really great site to find a car, quickly! Near you! Hold it together! You got this. 

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The post A New or Used Car Could Be The Peace You Are Missing appeared first on The Complete Real Estate Site.