Have You Heard of the 8 Fold Path?


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The word Zen has a lot to do with it! Zen is actually a school of thought…a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition. You could benefit from meditation and valuing your intuitions when it comes to all the paperwork tasks…and the perseverance it requires.

Let’s connect the eastern Buddhist foundation with the foundational habits of a person with excellent credit, shall we?

This means right:

  • understanding
  • thought
  • speech
  • conduct
  • means to make a living
  • right mental attitude or effort
  • mindfulness
  • concentration

Here are 8 methods to walk the path that will lead to enlightened… credit? Lighter credit worries? Less Debt. Better Credit. Right credit? Right, credit.

Chanel some of those right settings into absorbing these next steps – use your understanding to think about how to conduct your self and speech in a way to make an ethical living, be hopeful about improving your credit, be patient in the steps you’ll take to do that…and concentrate.

  1. Watch those credit card balances.
    1. Transfer them to 0% interest cards – whenever possible. Then hit tip #5 really hard, but obeying tip #4.
    2. Use them – and pay them – like a charge card.
  2. Eliminate credit card balances.
    1. Pay them off.
    2. Reward yourself when you pay each bill with something not monetarily based.
      1. Rub your own feet with coconut oil
      2. Take a bath
      3. Do something productive without rushing
      4. Or disobey – buy sweets, eat sweets.
  3. Leave old debt on your report.
    1. That’s hopeful
      1. The past debt you have paid off is an excellent fact on a credit report! It makes you look more responsible…more so than someone who has never had debt..because you’ve proven you can pay it off.
  4. Use your calendar.
    1. At least use automatic payments.
    2. Or rather…use your calendar for everything
      1. Meal planning
      2. Play dates with friends
      3. Bills (Write the reward, though, for positive conditioning maximization)
      4. Birthdays
      5. Goals
      6. Moods
  5. Pay bills on time.
    1. Use your calendar
    2. Auto-mate your payments
  6. Don’t hint at risk.
    1. When speaking about your credit, past debt, payment history and especially, yourself…to stranger or mortgage lenders or credit specialists on the phone: speak with HOPE. 
      1. Speak with H.O.P.E. program (888) 920-4893.
        1. Or fill out this form and a representative will help you. 
  7. Don’t obsess.
    1. The goal here is to make your credit a non-issue…so you have access to the things we want ahead of when we can actually pay for them…because we need a car, a home, a phone before we can successfully have a job to pay for those things. To get a job we need education, internships, 13 years of some kind of schooling every year until graduation, and have you ever fed your moose a cookie? And he wanted a glass of milk?
    2. Use your GED, get a job, make money, pay bills, have fun.
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