Not that house flipping is necessarily a bad thing; after all, it’s a natural lucrative phenomenon in the real estate industry all over. Check out Midvale, Utah, for starters, with the real estate funding and cash loans to flip a home and make some profit while stimulating the market. Plus real estate crowdfunding’s seeing a whole lot of gains in this industry largely due to property developments, and — yes, of course, flipping homes.

But in Grand Rapids, Michigan? You Don’t Flip a House at Allflipping homes-1

And why is that, actually? Why are we looking at Grand Rapids natives buying the homes and basically living in them for years and years versus buying them, renovating them, and then selling them off? Here’s why:

See for Yourself — Drive Around Grand Rapids and See How Many “We Buy Houses” Signs You Can Find

You won’t find many. This is a good sign that Grand Rapids real estate really is looking up. There’s no profit, per se, to be made in this industry. Only houses made into homes for many residents looking to grow a community in this cool town.