Communication Has Two Major Categories: Words and Images

A word connatates a meaning, a story and your mind makes an image for a word…and better images if you have practiced this automatic mental process. Seeing an image makes the mind talk. Mental images bring on thoughts.

The Importance Of Positive Self-Talk

You are what you eat. Literally your cells are built from the bits and pieces of the minerals and vitamins you consume. Likewise you become what you think. If you think of yourself as the best hula-hooper ever, when you hula-hoop you will be better than if you thought, “I don’t know how to do this – I’m no good.” Even if you aren’t the best in the world, thinking you are will make you better.

The cynical realists of you are thinking, “So you are telling me to be delusional and lie to myself.” Now, now let’s not be negative, but…

Sort of. Belief is an important piece of reality. Can you think of any major religion and it’s relationship to belief? It’s key.

Just like abstract art is still real. Like my anger is as real as my eye ball.

Thoughts are real things…brain waves…that come out of our heads and effect the more material world.

Have you ever thought about someone and soon after that person calls you? You see them and they said they were thinking of you, too?

Paul Maclauchlan writes a blog called “No Limit Success” and He illustrates the power of positive self-talk in these laws…

6 Laws of the Human Mind:

  • Law #1 – Thoughts are real forces.success
  • Law #2 – The mind is a sending and receiving station for thoughts.
  • Law #3- The Law of Attraction: Thoughts that are emotionalized become magnetized and attract similar and like thoughts.
  • Law #4- The Law of Control: We are forever experiencing thoughts. We have the ability to entertain or dismiss the thought.
  • Law#5- The Law of Insertion: We have the power and ability to insert a specific thought into our mind at any time.
  • Law #6- The Law of Connection: The inner world (of thoughts and reactions) and the outer world (of circumstances and situations) are connected to each other.

If you are trying to sell your house, and you think “Who is going to want this place?!” Then less people, or no people will want it. Now you probably also think, “I am going to sell my house.” You tell your friends, “I am selling my house.” But your self-talk can be unhealthy and fight your mission. Think like a success and be a success. Think like a failure and be a failure. It’s absolutely not that clear cut, because sometimes we can think so positively of another person that our thoughts positively effect their lives…It’s a complex thing – but a very simple idea.

Think happy thoughts.

The Importance Of Positive Imagery

Talking yourself up can feel strange – fake…at first. But positive imagery, is like day dreaming. And likely flows much more naturally. Some people don’t like to day dream because it’s not realistic. However, a solid dream you repeatedly think about is going to attract those kinds of things to you. And the image itself has life, bringing that abstract idea into being, in reality.

Just like watching an actor on tv can be so pleasurable, partly because your brain gets tricked through mirror neurons into thinking that it’s YOU who is doing those things. It might feel new to your muscles to swing a bat for the first time, but if you vividly imagine yourself swinging a bat….when you actually try it you will be better than if you hadn’t “practiced”.

Athletes use this trick all the time. Imagine yourself winning and when you are performing there is a sense of Déjà vu…this has happened before…because it has! In your mind.

Giving our imagination the power and credit it is due will only help you achieve your hopes, dreams and goals.

This idea isn’t new. And perhaps this isn’t new news to you. There is a popular book and movie called The Secret which spells this out in great detail.

Change Your Reality With Tips Fit For The Even More Popular Augmented Reality Game: Pokémon Go

Here are some tips from Russel Holly that absolutely apply to the reality of success in getting a house, job, car, education and you imagine the rest…

Focus On Throw Bonuses

Throw yourself a bone. Positive self-talk can be cheesy, “You have a fantastic smile, then you imagine yourself like the Prom queen-king or Princess Di waving to your constituents or customers.” It’s all in the little things.

Play To Your Type

If you are the cynical type this fluffy positivism can really really annoy you. But – you can have a grittier version of the same thing. If you are the non-verbal type…a nice grounded mountain pose can give you the CEO power you crave / need to overcome the CEO’s you disdain.

Always Dodge First

Negative thoughts will flow like a polluted river, and the problem is they spread. You can let the thought SLIP off the frying pan of your mind! Dodge it. You are imagining yourself living in a castle and it goes taken over my dragons all of a sudden…turn the dragons into flies and party on.

Sneaky Swap Out

Reality lacks the luster of your imagination? Of course. Clear space in your material life for newness. Minimize clutter, rearrange the office…clean something. Act like you have the space for all you desire and it will find you. That’s the secret.

Battery Packs To Fuel Your Pokémon Go gameplay!

Battery packs to fuel YOU. If you eat right, get enough sleep, drink water and exercise you are in a power position overall to excel in every way.

Travel With A Diverse Crew

This one doesn’t translate well to positivism and life…because we think of the social construct of race. But be around people who THINK differently than you. You will grow.

If you want be in a house today, then imagine yourself in your dream house today. It can’t hurt, but many, many people swear that it will create that outcome much sooner.

For all of you believers and skeptics out there…positive thoughts are one thing but positive action is a step above…

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